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I got new tires for my 2001 mini-van it a douglas tire. I got it july3 2007. I brought to that day. I drove less then 100 miles. I had a blow out on the side of the tire. I took it back I had my slip ticket. On the back of the ticket it said they are good for 90 days. It had less then 100 miles and the person said to bad. I told with the manger of wal-mart he yelled at me and my son to f — k off. So I left the store. I got a ford ranger 2000 and last night I was going to town and had a side blow out the same, place as the on on my van. The truck came with new dougl;as tires on when, I got it. The douglas isnt no good and it happened at 9;00 pm the tire willl blow out on the side. I havent got a tire in wal-mart for 1 year. But see I just got the truck a year ago with those dam tire on. I changed the front 2 about 3 months agp I have 2 on the back to replace.. I have health problem my heart is on the wrong side. So I dont need to have a wreck with those tire. So people out there dont buy those tire.

, US
Jun 24, 2010 6:37 am EDT

Bought 4 new Douglas GT-H tires on April 5, 2010 at Wal-Mart. Road hazard, life balancing...everything. Today on the highway driving on 94 East in Michigan to Martin front passenger splits in half at 75 mph. Talk about ******off! Two months and the first flat/blowout/anything that has every happened to a tire in my 11 years of driving and it's downright uncalled for. Not to mention watching a semi starting to jackknife dodging debris and the smoke screen I created and the cars weaving off the road like Indy 500. Poor almost killed a veteran today Douglas.

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