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I purchased a total of more than $15, 000 at Dolphin carpet and tile. They started with the ground floor installing over 900 sq ft of tile of which 15% are laid incorrectly, meaning that there are corners that are much higher that the tile around it enough for a vacuum cleaner to get caught when going over the tile, then in addition I had a special design done at the homes entrance way using a beautiful mosaic tile. The mosaic tile also sits much higher the tile around it and at first they left one corner with no mosaic tiles saying they could not do that one. I had them come out again, and they finally completed the mosaic, however several of the glass mosaic tile pieces were cracked and chipped. But that was ok according to the so called engineer to him was normal.
When they came to do the stair case and the hallway upstairs with the engineered wood, they laid several bands of brown paper down on the sub floor in the hallway and then they assembled the flooring and nailed it down. Several areas have lifted up and the floor creaks and crackles as if the entire floor was to collapse any second, but that too is normal and that Dolphin is not responsible for the quality of sub floor, which by the way is perfectly in order. This to was called normal by the engineer. I then stated that Dolphin was the experts, and if the sub floor was not up to par why was I not told prior to the installation, I mean after all I am just the customer that is paying for the job, not the supposed expert! As far as the stair case goes, the two pieces of vertical face plate wood installed is pushed in along the connecting joint at the middle seam sort of like a wide spread “V” but the inspector stated that this is due to my staircase not the installation work. This is also BS as the wood used on my stair cases vertical joint is 1/2 inch solid wood so therefore it can’t be that the board is bent in the middle. At that point I moved on to the fact that the surface of the stair was glued and that the wood is no longer adhered to many of the wood pieces thus when you go up the stairs you get a popping noise from the wood as you lift up your foot to go to the next stair. That to was called normal. On the stairs he stated that the popping noise is due to me being a big guy. I stated to him that my 5 year old grandson is not a big heavy guy and when he goes up the stairs they do the same thing. His response was that this is normal. I then stated that I have had 4 different companies come out and look at the wood installation and they all stated that there should have been the special padding placed under the flooring in the hallway to stop all the creaking and crackling and that they have never heard of paper being used. They also agreed that the stair case is just a mess and should be ripped out and re-done properly.
As stated above, Dolphin sent one of their so called inspectors out to the house, which in reality is nothing more than a BS clown, whose only purpose is to tell you stories of why anything you complain about is that way etc because it is correctly installed.
At that point I knew that all this clown was here for was to BS his way out of having to repair anything, so I then asked the clown and his staff to leave and that I would solve this issue another way and that I am not some dummy that you can just BS.
I will never ever in my remaining life time go to them again for anything. They, the installers for Dolphin are a just a group of backyard installers.
As far as the product goes, I do wish to state that it is not bad at all, and that the sales men do their job helping the customer decide on things they can do to make the finished installed product look great and it would look great if only the installation was done right. However, they use small backyard specialists that have watched someone else do the job, and now they are professional experts and when you complain they send out the “BS” clowns!
Beware of this company and think about having the tiny backyard companies full of so called experts come out and screw up your installation. Remember the old saying that you get what you pay for however Dolphin charges you the fees of professionals and sends out the back-yardigans to do the job, and then when you complain the BS clown comes out to try to appease you by telling you all these ridicules stories.

Update by Robert LaFleche
Apr 23, 2011 2:20 am EDT

I'm with you 1000 %. they are the scummiest ( does that word even exist?) company around. The have cloned parrots for engineers that are trained in BS. Keep putting out the word.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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DC&T currently installing carpet at our condo, a 3 floor building. Weeks of delays in starting the job, the tile they laid first had to be fixed before carpet could begin. 3 employees came to quote the job but still they did not plan for extra men to carry carpet up the stairs (rolls too big for the elevator), and even refused to send more men when asked, so condo had to hire 2 extras to help. Still, the carpet that should have been rolled out in a long hallway has FOUR poorly done seams in it. Although carpet was probably glued down, it nevertheless has loose looking spots where it's not flat to the concrete beneath. The carpet is thin and, when taken together with the bad seams, it doesn't look like it will last long once residents begin using it. I suspect that if our condo board had looked at the BBB's site and the "complaint" sites, they may not have chosen Dolphin Carpet and Tile. I'm sure none who've witnessed the goings on over the past month will ever use their company.

Dec 14, 2012 8:57 am EST
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I had a run in with this company as well:

On 08DEC2012 roughly 10:45AM. I was verbally accosted by an employee of Dolphin Carpet & Tile that is referred to as “Randy”. I had parked in a location that was indicated for Patrons to Dolphin Carpet & Tile and Randy instructed that I was not to park in the location. I noted that in the future the issue would not occur again and was then threatened, “I will remember who he his.” When I exited the store front “Randy” was recording license plate information from my personal automobile. I asked him if he required additional information such as my Florida Driver License and Veteran Identification Card. He then became verbally hostile and informed me that I was trespassing.

Randy barred me from obtaining services from Dolphin Carpet & Tile due to my Veteran Status. He was distraught due to my patriotism and treated me poorly. I would expect better from a person and better from the company.

if you only knew what these crooks have done to my entire house with regards to installation of engineered wood. they told me that i did not need the membrane because i had low moisture. of course they did the moisture testing in the winter when there is no moisture. within one year of installation i had black stains all over my entire house. they first tried to tell me it was my ac and or hot water heater. could not be because that was in the garage. then they told me i had a leaking roof. can't be because all my ceilings are new in the house and not one stain was visible. then they told me it must be my doors and windows. can't be because all new impact glass. then they tried to say it was coming from outside due to my new pavers. oh and the greatest one of all: that i live on the water and this is florida and we have high humidity. ( then why the hell do they even do a moisture test? if you saw the episode of homes on homes on hgtv he says to NEVER put engineered wood on top of concrete WITHOUT using a membrance) like i moved the water here after installation. i also had the same clowns come out here with the same bs stories. this company should be shut down at once. if only more people did their homework and checked the complaints on the internet they would quickly realize that this company should never be used or be able to stay in buisiness. they agreed that there was a problem and want to rip it all up but then charge me approx 6, 000.00 to now put the membrane in. no one is paying for me to empty my house again and repair all the baseboards and door moldings that now are going to be ruined because of this company. i would not pay this company one more red cent. this is a company that is spending millions on all their advertising on tv and newspapers and they say and advertise that they "get it right." i wish we could all band together and file a major suit against this company and the ### that owns it. it would have been nothing for them to make it right. they could have rec'd most if not all of the materials for free and very little in labor to make it right but theyt chose not to do it. how about picketing? i will be there with bells on. just keep spreading the word and let everyone know that you know what a crappy terrible company this really is. if we can stop just even one sale a year that would make me very happy. please feel free to contact me and lets do something about dolphine carpet and tile !


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