Dollar Rent A Carrefund for days unused and unethical behavior by staff : invoice u26830635

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I did not make a reservation via phone but waked into the Dollar location in Jackson Hole to rent a car for 4 days. My husband and I had a family situation and we had to shorten our vacation and fly back home. We turned the car in the next day and they said we had signed a contract and had to pay for the full 4 days. We had the car for only 30 hours and the bill was 656.000 The manager and front desk person were extremely rude. They said they could have rented the car to someone else but since we turned it in 2 days early they actually still had plenty of time to rent it again I initially paid cash with a small balance on American Express and then asked to change and put the whole amount to a credit card. At first, the front desk clerk said the manager had left so she could not handle transaction. Then, I went to the back to take a photo of the car and the manager was still there so they lied. She said that Am Ex would not allow them to change the transaction and when I called Am Ex they said that was ridiculous and a lie as well. I understand I have to pay for two days of car rental as it was returned after the first 24 hours but it is ridiculous to pay for 2 days after I returned the car. I have never been treated so rudely. I am requesting a coupon/credit for the 2 days of rental that were charged after the car was returned to be used in the future for a car rental. Otherwise, you will lose my future business and I am a frequent traveler. I actually rented a car at this same location in Jackson Hole several years ago for 6 weeks. In addition, I will be forced to write bad reviews on social media. I am in the service industry and we all know, happy customers and referrals are extremely important to our business. Thank you, Tracey Clay, [protected]

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      Sep 30, 2019

    Soo.. you signed a contract saying that you'd have the car for 4 days, they'd reserved the car for you for that period of time and you're not happy that they suddenly didn't turn around and take it back after 30 hours because you changed your mind?

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