Dollar Generalplastic cap on the straw broom handle came off

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On August 10 while cleaning my kitchen a broom purchased from the dollar store feel toward me and cut my face. The plastic covering to the handle had come office. I didn't think it was a big deal because I was just grateful it didn't hit me in the eye. However, when I Iooked in the mirror I had a big gash on my face. I immediately began to disinfected the area. I still wasn't sure how deep the gash was but figured it would heal and not be a bid deal. I still have a cut on my face and it's not healing as smoothly as I initially hope. It appears I will need to seek medical consultation. Please advise what financial assistance you are able to provide before I seek medical attention. I have any evidence you require. Please respond as soon as possible.
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  •   Sep 03, 2019

    What type of sweeping technique are you employing such that it cracks you in the face to begin with? This is an absolutely absurd complaint as Dollar General is not responsible for your cleaning acumen. Just because you are swinging the broom around like a drunken mutant does not leverage one iota of responsibility on the place from which you purchased it. If the cover had been on or off it would have whacked you in the face. You are responsible for this and you need to seek psychological evaluation in addition to getting that gash examined. This will be on your dime, Tony Montana.

    Hope that helps!

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    Biggus Dickus

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      Sep 03, 2019

    They aren't going to offer you any financial assistance. And in order for an attorney to take your case, your medical damages will have to be in the thousands, at minimum. BTW: if you needed stitches, there's a 24 hour window to get that done. Once that 24 hours has passed, they cannot stitch the area and will simply use creams and gauze. I know this because I was badly cut on my arm and waited 48 hours before I sought medical treatment. I now have a large scar on my forearm and I have had to use vitamin E oil and magnolia cream to help reduce the visibility of the scarring.

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      Sep 04, 2019


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