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Jo May 29, 2019 Review updated:

Well on two different cases this worker Named Ruby that works at dollar store in middlesboro ky on Cumberland Avenue first time she rolled her eyes at my daughter over being short ten cents. Then my son went in with me and stayed right beside me and the worker Named Ruby came out of office doors and didn't approach my son she stood on the other aisle and said sir what's in your pockets. My son being sixteen empty his pocket all he had was his phone and charger. The employee yelled it out across the store which embarrasses my son and never said sorry or anything I asked what was the problem and she said nothing . I am his mother he is underage and she shouldn't have come st my son like that she could approach him in a different way. I am talking to a lawyer about her right now over false accusing and embarrassing my son.. But this employee needs fired before some parents handles stuff in there own hands

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  •   May 29, 2019

    So your daughter didn't have enough to buy an item, the store didn't sell it to her at a 10 cent discount, and you are wondering why the employee is confused?

    Your son probably looks as shifty as your daughter was acting so its a reasonable assumption that he might be trying to get his "10 cent" discount too with just five fingers.

    And spare us your hillbilly justice crap. You would be babbling incoherently in person just like you are babbling incoherently here. Also, for the love of St. Peter, please learn the difference between "there, their, and they're". You're an adult for goodness sake.

    Also, every time you said the "worker Named Ruby" it gave me a slight the "artist formerly known as Prince" vibe. Super creepy, even for an ignorant hick.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  •   May 30, 2019

    Lawyer? Good luck with that. You could have spoken up then but instead chose to come home and type it where they won’t see it.

    “The employee needs fired” is what in English?

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