Dollar Generaldirty store

J Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

This store is nasty. The young girl managing Ins it is not management material. She is rude and
Always on the phone. She was particularly rude to me today when I forgot a bag.

The store is not stocked, there are carts in every isle, Mech end use of all kinds on the floor which is a severe trip hazard for customers.

I've had to stop going there because the items I need are not stocked, they are in the carts
But it's not my job to dig out what I need.

I go on in to red oak, brook shores. Brookshires
I'd run like a store should be.

I can't stress dirty enough, the floor has not been mopped I'm at least a month.

I also must complain about the gangster rapp
"Music" being blasted.

A guy named mark open this store and ran a fine store. Those days are gone and I know this store profits are in the toilet.

I won't be back any time soon.


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      Dec 02, 2019

    What I find funny is when one acts like a child and they have the nerve to call someone who is an adult woman a girl.

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