Dollar Generalopenly accused of stealing by asst, manager

J Oct 22, 2019 Review updated:

on 10-21-2019 @ 530pm I was shopping and wanted the one dollar bag cereals. As I was standing in front of the cereal aisle I did not see them. In the corner of my eye I saw a small framed black female peeping down my way. She hollowered to me " Do I need help finding something in a sarcastic manner. I said no, that I was good, She then said, He put something in his pocket very loudly and that she was going to check the the tape to see what it was. I was shocked after looking around me and realizing it was me she were talking about. I immediately retrieved my shopping cart to show her that I was there to spend my money not steal. I became very embarrassed and feelings were hurt because the other shoppers could hear everything-that I was stealing. I offered an explanation as to why I may have appeared looking funny like, I am 66 years old with glacoma. That is my personal business but I felt so humiliated in front of the other customers I tried to save face because they were staring in awe. I went on to explain to her and the black guy cashier that I don't steal and that I currently work in Loss Prevention . I have been wrongly accused and your camera will prove me right. I will not be satisfied with an apology-because after I purchased $32.00 of other product, she made no attempt to admit she was wrong and had made a terrible choice in her assessment of me. I want this company to show me on your camera what I did to warrant this kind of treatment. I had a very rough night of sleeping and somewhat depression. I want to come back to the store while your team examines the tape and if I did anything wrong I will stay there until the police come. I do have my receipts and also I did call corporate and spoke with Ms Darcie. complaint number is [protected].


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      Oct 22, 2019

    Stop stealing.

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      Oct 23, 2019

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt so I will accept this person was not stealing and was falsely accused. I wish something like this would happen to me because I would so enjoy embarrassing the [censored] out of someone.

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      Jan 02, 2020

    Putting a product in one's pocket is not an attempt to steal nor is it stealing UNTIL one is outside the store with the item still in one's pocket and unpaid for.

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      Feb 07, 2020

    Actually, once it is consealed on your person, in your pocket, it is considered theft! You've already consealed it ... that's why there's buggies and hand baskets..

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