Dollar Generalin this dollar general, customers always have a long wait time to check out. normally at least ten to twenty minutes.

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Today I waited at least 20 minutes to check out. There were four other employees in the store. One person was on the register. I was 3rd in line and there were at least nine people behind me. The manager walked out of the front office behind the register, looked at the line and then walked to the back of the store. (We all were hoping he was getting someone to man the other register but that did not happen. Finally after about 15 minutes, the lady on the register yelled for Emily several times. The customers also yelled for Emily but Emily did not come. Finally the lady on the register texted the manager and another employee finally came to the front. I asked the second employee who waited on me me, why they would let all of the customers wait in line for that amount of time. She said, "We have other things to do." I told her that these were her customers and that they should always come first. She said, "Sorry, but we have to put things on the shelves." I asked where the manager was and she said he was in the back. I asked him why he would allow customers to have to wait that long. He said, we have a truck that has to be unloaded. I asked if the customers should not be taken care of first. He said, "Yes, let me get someone. I told him someone had just come to help but we had all been waiting and that he had walked out of the office and saw everryone waiting. He walked on by without having someone come help. I am always hestitant to complain and know that sometimes things just happen and we need to be patient . But this is the norm for this store. I could have driven across town to Walmart and been back home on East Main before I got waited on in this store. The other night I ran over to pick up a couple of things and the cashier came and apologized, asking me to check out because they were having to close because the employees who were supposed to work the next shift did not show up. They had to close about two hours early. There are some major problems in this store and each time I go in, there is a long, ridiculous wait time.


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      Dec 01, 2019

    You are shopping a small format discount store. When you shop discount stores you sacrifice customer service. If you want good customer service you have to shop retail stores. Retail stores sells their merchandise at retail prices so that they can afford to pay associates to provide customer service. Discount stores are not required or even suppose to provide customer service. The cashier isn't even there to provide customer service for you, they are there to provide a function for the business.

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