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Dollar General Corporation

100 Mission Ridge
United States - 37072

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 678 9258(Customer Service) 542 207
+1 877 944 3477(Media Inquiries) 29 37
+1 615 855 5775(Paid Advertising Inquiries) 12 18
+1 888 877 9374(Human Resources Inquiries) 100 63
+1 855 275 3447(Human Resources Inquiries) 69 37
+1 615 855 4000(Sponsorship Requests) 36 21
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Complaints & Reviews

Dollar General / Pot holes and parking lot needs repaved asap

Oct 16, 2019

The Dollar General Store in Albany Indiana has a parking lot that needs repaved asap...Seriously, its like a roller coaster ride everytime I pull in there...potholes are everywhere and its impossible to find a path thru the lot w/o getting mad at this ridiculous lack of parking lot...

Dollar General / RUDE employee

Oct 16, 2019

My sister recently visited Dollar General in Bay Springs, Ms. in order to make a purchase for my mom who has dementia and is bedridden. She presented a check to the cashier and she was told very rudely that the check was declined. My sister knew that the check was good but went to the bank...

Dollar General / store manager brenda harmon

Oct 15, 2019

I use to work for Dollar General and my store Managers name was Brenda Harmon. From the start she lied to me about hours and becoming a key holder. Someone was even demoted for this to happen. Brenda hired her cousin who was promoted to assir.manager when we already had one. Her cousin'...

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