Dollar Generalalways out of stock

L Dec 01, 2019 Review updated:

the dollar general store on main st clayton ohio sucks, every time i go in there, the shelves are bare, no one stocks any merchanize, i ask why the selves are always empty, they say they dont get paid enough to stock, why i did ask an employee to get me something out of the stockroom, he coped an attitute with me, and didnt want to do it. the store has lostalot of their business, and another dollar general store which is about 5 miles away, saids alot of claytons business has gone to thier store, and that store is always stocked well. i think the clayton store will be going out of business soon, unless they hire employees who will do their jobs. the store is just down the street from me, but i have to go 5 miles to get to the other store, i wont be going to clayton store no longer.


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      Dec 01, 2019

    They aren't going to find new employees to fix the problems with that store. Once a store becomes backed up with freight like I'd say thisone is. They never can find people willing to fix it. Usually the people with the capacity to fix this sort of problem have better things to do and better jobs elsewhere. It takes someone who doesn't want any money but simply get pleasure from the logistics of the situation.

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