Devry Universityfinancial issue

D Aug 13, 2018

This is Divya Dafda and i am keller graduate school of management at phoenix, Arizona. My Student ID is D40468406. My account is showing balance of $3182. I have been trying to reach out as many person as i can but i am not getting proper help from any of the DeVry staff. I ask my SSA about the balance and he told me its coming from may 2018 and i submitted all the receipts showing all the payments. After receiving receipts now he is saying this balance is coming from September 2016 and they came to know now. It is weird.

Another $750 is coming from july 2017. I am internationa student and i have to have one onsite class each semester. I always had problem with class avaibility. Half of the courses i didnt even wanted to take but still in order to stay in status i took it because they dont have classes available onsite. And i think that is not my problem. So in july 2017 they registred me for NETW 589 one week after classes started. I had contact my SSA Travis to enroll into this courses and was scheduled for it on July 7th (the end of week 1); therefore the class for this course had already began even before I got register. I first participate in class on July 9 I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get caught up with class due to the requirements and demands especially with a late start. The reason for me to withdraw this class was late registration. As an International student I am required to balance tuition in full, I am requesting that an additional $612 be credited to my account to be used toward future tuition charges. Perhaps not permitting me (or students) to enroll into classes late would have prevented this issue.

I have talked to dean as well and did not get help. Some of them did not even replied till today.
I hope you can understand my situation.

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