Days Inndisgusting room conditions

Gj Oct 06, 2019

9/18/2019: We made a reservation to spend the night and were too tired to move on after seeing the room. 1. Many of the electric receptacles did not work. 2. The bathroom light switch had to be moved up and down several times for the light to come on. 3. We could not drink the water as it tasted like soap. 4. We had to turn off the water to the commode as it ran constantly making loud noises. 5. The standing pole light had cobwebs around the switch and inside the shade. 6. The sheets looked like they had already been slept on. 7. The floors were filthy. 8. There is no way we would have eaten the total carbohydrate breakfast there or even drank the coffee. We will be reporting this motel to the Kentucky State Department of Health.

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