[Resolved] Dallas BBQmanager’s customer service

G Jan 27, 2020 Review updated:

I work 5 minutes away from the Jamaica, Queens location so co workers and I are frequent patrons. We were celebrating a birthday on 1/24/20 and wanted a specific table. I do not know the table numbers as I am not an employee however I called in to request the specific area and detailed it as best as possible. There was a misunderstanding in the table requested and the person whose birthday we were celebrating wasn't satisfied; especially because we saw the tables being occupied by BBQ employees who were sitting around talking. Our waitress Trisha was very understanding and told us those tables are usually occupied as a "lounge area" for employees as they do not have an official one. Upon complaining to the manager (tall African American male with a bald head- I apologize I did not get his name but he is always there dancing and USUALLY pleasant), he tried to tell us that the table he THOUGHT we wanted was "better" and they already had it set up for us. She again expressed the fact that I called twice ahead of time and he told her that I was a "liar" and that he spoke to me himself and I requested the wrong table. He was very nasty and rude and Trisha ended up speaking to an assistant manager about accommodating our request. She also let us know the manager was not even present at the time I called and I was actually greeted by the person I spoke with over the phone as he was leaving when we came In but told me the area was ready (May have been a misunderstanding on his end). However, for a manager to call a patron a "liar" for a mistake HIS restaurant staff made is unacceptable. I work for the social security administration and my co workers frequently come to this location for lunch, dinner, and our union even books this location for group gatherings and dinners. I will definitely make it know to my co workers of the lack of respect MANAGEMENT had and push for everyone to find a more respectful place to dine.

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