CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthservice

I have called the cvs pharmacy on 3050 west grand parkway in katy tx. I spoke to the pharmacist named Artana after being on hold for about 20 min waiting for someone to answer. As i was spelling out the medication name, she was answering me very rudely to hurry up because she has 10 people in line wait "AS IF I AM NOT A CUSTOMER AS WELL"!!! I let that attitude go then she has told me that I'm calling the wrong location, so i asked for the phone number to the location i needed to call instead. She Literally said the phone number so fast and hung up the phone on me without me having the chance getting it. I have never experienced or expected such a service, rudeness and attitude not only as a customer but from a professional period who SHOULD HAVE BEEN RAISED AND TAUGHT how to speak to people/customers properly.

Oct 06, 2019

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