CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthservice

Called pharmacy at approximately 1020 on oct 1 2019, waited on hold for 9 minutes to finally connect to pharmacy.
Technician, leeda (only info she would give), answered the phone very rushed. I tried to explain to her what medications I requested and she started talking very fast explaining she already did. "okay that is bye" leeda said
I had to be quick to say no I wasnt done. She sighed annoyed and kept telling me she already did. I asked her let me talk without interrupting so that maybe she would understand better.
She put me on another 6minute hold...
The pharmacist answered. He knew exactly what I was asking and said he would request my medications.
Leeda was very unprofessional and rude. Even the rating for this pharmacy are obvious. Very rude personnel for assuming sick/i'll patients and customers.
Highly disgusted by her behaviour.
Staci ochoa

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