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A Nov 09, 2018
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On 11/6/2018 I subscribed to the website Teens. I did not knowingly opt in for any other subscriptions. However, when I printed the receipt page I noticed there was a box checked that stated as a special bonus I would receive a 7 day free trial to that would renew at $39.94 monthly unless cancelled. Also there was a 10 day free trial to that would renew at $45.95 monthly. I called the customer service number to inform them of the error and I was told that I did not have a membership to either one of those sites which makes since because they are free trials initially. However, as it is stated they will become active memberships after the trials. So I explained that I didn't want the trials and again the representative stated, "You do not have a membership for those sites." I began using computers in 1981 I am well aware of their pattern and practice of malfunctioning, crashing, and general unreliability. Because of this I asked the rep to at least make about the error. Once again he stated, "You do not have a membership." If you tell me something once I take it as information. If you tell me something twice I will assume you thought I didn't hear you. If you tell me something three times you are insulting my intelligence. Last night I donated $100 to a charity. When I clicked the submit button the next page said Page Not Found Error 404. But sure enough when I checked my email there was a thank you email from that same charity. As I asked the gentleman when I called I would like to have a note placed in the record of this incident that I do not want any of these memberships. I am also cancelling my subscription to the Teens website. Finally I couldn't help but noticing that in your complaint details section it is asked that customers be polite, avoid capital letters, and be polite and I can respect that. But I just have to say that by the time a person gets to this website they are feeling anything but polite, they want to express their displeasure in the strongest terms possible, and if like me they deal with someone who has no respect for them I think abusive language would be a less violent response to total incompetence and unprofessional behavior. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this request.

unauthorized trial

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