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J Jul 16, 2019

the water fountains upstairs have been broken for MONTHS. one of them doesn't provide enough power, the other is literally boiling hot.

yesterday, they finally put a sign up saying DO NOT DRINK. so now all the water fountains, 4 total, upstairs and downstairs, were inoperable.

the problem is how the staff handled this issue. for a member to have to PAY for water is ridiculous. i have emailed them a complaint and just received a bounce back. again, the point isn't about the money but how the management handled this situation.

1. water fountains have been [censored]ed up for MONTHS.
2. for whatever reason they put a sign up (not safe to drink or being fixed) they should have provided an alternative, water cooler or whatever
3. no water cooler - then dont charge for water when it is obviously a safety issue

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