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I've been a member to Crunch Addison since day one and it's come to this.

I signed up for PT classes in 2021. When talking to my PT, we agreed that I would accrue classes and claim them when I could go back to gym at the end of 2021. Come November, PT reaches out and tells me there would be new management and I was asked to 'donate' all of my classes which I declined. I had $640 worth! I was told my classes would stay on my account and even with new management nothing would happen to them. Come December and I am ready to claim them, all of them were gone. They were cashed out without my permission.

I've talked to three different managers since then. The last one I've spoken to was the most helpful. But I'm done! I've been told my refund claim has been passed along to upper management, but it's been months and no timeline, no concrete answer on when I'll get my money back. I'm getting ready to take legal action. This is theft! Below is my communication with PT at the time, she clearly tells me that there is 'no way she can cancel them and they will sit there.' Two other managers verbally stated that would be the case as well.

I have text messages and emails, but this form won't let me attach them!

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