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C Aug 06, 2018

I played Design Home for almost a year and lost everything when I accidentally disconnected my game account from my Facebook account (I was trying to clear the cache, the disconnect accounts option is placed very closely to it). All retrieval attempts failed, my device froze, my cloud backup said corrupt file, reconnecting accounts didn't work, I kept being asked if I already had an account, no matter how many times I logged back in. Uninstalling and reinstalling also failed.
After 6 emails to the DH help desk, "Kevin" and "Cherry" kept idiotically asking me if my accounts were connected, because that is the only way to retrieve game progress. I replied yes, (how else could I have disconnected the accounts?) included screenshots proving that the accounts were connected, along with proof of game progress, recent purchases, diamond credits received and
screenshots from other players, on the game's FB page, complaining about the same issue. Of course, their reports went ignored, since this bug clearly is a way for Crowdstar to rob people with impunity.
"Cherry" then contradicted herself by stating that game progress is irretrievable once disconnected from FB, and purchases are non-refundable.
I'm not going to give them a single cent more, nor am I risking my financial safety by taking their Tapjoy scam offers, but I'm reporting them everywhere and adding to their already dismal customer satisfaction ratings as a warning for everyone to stay away from these slimeballs.

  • Updated by C Ts · Aug 06, 2018

    I am adding a screenshot of the emails.

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