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E-Tobaccos.comNon-delivery of order

I have ordered tobacco products from e-Tobaccos twice before. The first time went without a hitch, the second I had a bit of a scare when I was given a defunct tracking number, but nevertheless the product was delivered. This time, however, I ordered my usual 20 bags of Golden Virginia, costing £231, was told the product was in stock, the payment was confirmed on the 20th of February and... nothing.
I emailed them to ask what the delay was and was told "there were difficulties being experienced in processing orders". 48 hours later the website went down with the note that all pending orders would be shipped or refunded. Well, I can tell you that NEITHER has happened. My emails have gone unanswered and while I can forgive a delay for them to sort their business out, it has been over a month since I last heard from them.

This is NOT a reliable business. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a scam because I have successfully (albeit eventually) bought tobacco from them before, but this time they have taken my money - money which I can hardly afford to pay for such a luxury as tobacco, let alone give it away to undeserving con artists - and would not trust them again with any amount of money. I've now had to quit smoking because I can't afford it anymore. I am immensely disappointed and will tell everyone to steer clear.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They are not a scam, but they might just as well be. You won't see your money again. Buying tobacco locally might seem more expensive, but believe me, when you've shelled out £230 and have nothing to show for it, e-Tobaccos becomes a lot more expensive. AVOID.

If e-Tobaccos read these complaints like they've done in the past and wish to settle then my order reference is #935957.

  • Da
    danvdobre Mar 28, 2014

    I ordered, in december 2013, over 80 EUR in value of rolling tobacco. It's been almost 4 months and never received it. They had no problem taking my money and ignoring my emails. ripped me off and will do that to you also if you order from them.

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I am a victim of the on line scam I ordered more than $200 from and the transaction were charged under the name “ICI” on my...

E-Tobaccos.comwas non-delivery - now only part of order received

I am also a victim of the on line scam I ordered more than $200 from and the transaction were charged under the name “ICI” on my VISA card. So far, at the end of MAR, I have not received any delivery and product from them, In addition, they have neither physical address nor contact phone number except [protected] email. Once they received your money, they almost ignored all my emails regarding to the order. So frustration. This is obviously one of the on line scams. The e-tobaccos is located in SPAIN.

  • Ju
    jules brin Nov 22, 2012

    22 November 2012
    re - non delivery of cigars by E-Tobaccos
    At last my complaint has been resolved! I have received my full order, in excellent condition.

    I finally tried emailing in Spanish (probably gave them all a good laugh) - thinking that I would be more likely to have my email catch their eye if it was in their own language. Don't know if it was that that did the trick, but the nex day I received notification that my 2nd part of the order had been shipped. Also, I received nice note in Spanish, to explain that the size of the order had meant it had to be shipped in 2 parts. Whether this was true or not, I don't care!!

    I've now dealt with them 3 times, and only had problems at all this last time (Sept2012). So will I use them again?? The jury's out!

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  • Mb
    mbouriah Mar 15, 2013

    Hi Jules

    Thank you for your comment, finally I received an email confirming that my goods have been shipped and they included a tracking number, thank you for the tip. :)

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  • Da
    David_Unhappy Oct 06, 2015

    From Australia;
    Maybe everyone should realize that it's not e-tobaccos fault hat our Governments Customs and Border protection departments are TO BLAME, I've used e-tobacco for years and it takes a few weeks but my tobacco arrived each time. Now/Today I try to log onto the site and my Government have blocked it... Now I have to suffer with the same rubbish that Japan Tobacco have been substituting for Old Holborn since the Aus Gov brought in Plain Packaging laws..

    Blame the Governments for stealing your Tobacco at the Border.

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  • Cl
    C.Lacey Jun 03, 2016

    I placed an order with at the beginning of April. I spent over 300€ including 2-3 day shipping. After not receiving my order I tried contacting customer service via email because they do not provide a phone. They never responded until I threatened contacting my bank and cancelling the payment. Finally after more then a month of not receiving my order a customer service rep contacted me saying he would process my order, and that it was their fault it had taken so long because an "employee had made a mistake". I received my order mid May - a month and a half after placing the order. When I opened the box only 10 of the 30 tins of tobacco were delivered!!! I have since tried to contact them to receive the rest of my order but have gotten no response.

    I am furious that the company has stolen 200 € from me and are now not contacting me. I will be forced to contact the fraud department and contact my bank if I do not received any response in the next few days.


    C. Lacey Order #926957

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  • Et
    e-tobaccos s Jun 03, 2016

    Same thing happened to me. so how do you resolve the problem ? any advise ?

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E-Tobaccos.comsite stole my money is a scam. takes your order and processes payment immediately EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NO INVENTORY. When they finally did process my order, they sent me bags of strange loose tobaccos rather than the cartons of cigarettes I ordered. They have refused to respond to my repeated requests to send the missing product or to process my refund. Several years ago they used to be a legit company distributing tobacco out of Spain. Now they just take orders online and steal money from innocent customers. I am going to now ask my credit card company to proceed with filing complaints against the merchant services provider so that they will have to be investigated. Anyone else having problems with these scammers should do the same so that their e-commerce abilities get shut down. STAY AWAY FROM

  • Ww Aug 24, 2012

    What is your order number? We will look at it imediately. Please answer here on send us an email we have fixed some issues in the customer service department and we are now answering quickly.

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  • Sc
    scammed_by_etobaccos Aug 24, 2012

    Order 918256. I just sent you a direct message using this forum. It is crazy that there was never any response to my emails by your e-tobaccos customer service department - but there is a response from you here. I hope there is resolution.

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    scammed_by_etobaccos Aug 25, 2012

    Of course, did not follow up on this. I recommend anyone else scammed by e-tobaccos request that their credit card company file an official complaint against e-tobaccos AND against the e-tobaccos MERCHANT SERVICES COMPANY. If the merchant service that they use gets enough complaints then e-tobaccos will lose the ability to process payments - and that will stop them from scamming other people. It with also get them on the radar of Spanish trade authorities. Everyone should also report the website to Google so that Google penalizes them and stops indexing their site pages, etc. OTHERS NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM E-TOBACCOS OR THEY CAN EXPECT TO BE SCAMMED, ALSO.

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E-Tobaccos.comUnreliable or Scam

I have ordered tobacco from e-tobaccos and am deeply disappointed. I have made a bank transfer which has been debited from my account on the 18th of June 2012. I ordered a product which according to e-tobaccos "Availability Very high. Usually ships in 24 hours" After long delays, my order status never changing from bank transfer pending and a total of 18 ignored emails i searched the net and have found literally hundreds of complaints on forums, boards etc... It appears that the only way that you can actually get what you have paid for is by complaining on-line before they actually do anything. I have had 108.98euro stolen from me by e-tobaccos. Don't buy anything from them.
Order number #922198

  • Ww Jul 04, 2012

    Sorry for the delay processing your bank wire. Your order is being processed now. We have had some issues with our service but we have now added more personnel and the service should improve very soon. Please accept a discount of the 10% on the products of your next order by just mentioning this link in the comment field of the order.

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  • Ww Aug 20, 2012

    Dear Thomas,

    According to our records your order was already delivered.

    We would appreciate if you update the thread for the benefit of other users.

    Kind regards,

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E-Tobaccos.comTook my money - no goods. Four weeks!

I visited around christmas time and decided to place an order due to their promises of "2-3 days delivery guaranteed" and "all orders confirmed within 2 days", so I put the order through around 26th/27th of december and was delighted not to get an Out-Of-Office or a Christmas Holidays notice, I naturally assumed that this business was so dedicated that they were sending their wares off within the christmas holidays.

I waited a few days and saw that the order was still "pending" so decided to purchase my tobaccos elsewhere, after three or four days I sent them an email stating I was no longer interested in the business and requesting that they do not follow my order through.

Around the 9th of January, at least two full weeks after I placed the order, I recieved an email stating "payment recieved", to which I emailled asking why they have charged me after my request to cancel the order, several days later I recieved another note from them, ignoring my requests to cancel the order and stating that they were out of "Mynheer" tobacco, the reason why I chose to use e-tobaccos aside from their stated timeframes and accolades as displayed on their website.

On emailling them back, having a third request to cancel the order, I stand over £100GBP out of pocket and it has been a full four weeks since I placed the intial order.

To think that they not only displayed the stock on their website as available and purchasable, but that they cashed my order, not only after repeated requests for them not to, and with them not even having the stock in or checked as available is absolutely insane.

It has it displayed on their website that "any complaints have to be taken up at a Spanish court of law". As ridiculous as this seems, a flight to Spain costs less than what i've spent on this order and I can bring it up in the small claims court that my travel fees will have to be paid by e-tobaccos, which makes sense. These proceedings are the ones I will take if my order is not cancelled and full and my money returned to me.

  • Ww Jul 04, 2012

    Dear customer,

    Could you please indicate the order number. Have your issue been solved? If not we will solve it inmediately with a refund if required.

    Thank you and apologies for the inconveniences suffered.

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  • Dr
    dragyth Jul 04, 2012

    I was refunded after a further four weeks, but had some severe bank fees and am now £80 out of pocket. Really not a good resolution whatsoever. If you could compensate me it would be nice...

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  • Ww Jul 04, 2012

    80 GBP fees? what for?

    We can give you a 10% discount on the products of your next order by just mentioning this post in the comment field of the order.

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  • Dr
    dragyth Jul 04, 2012

    For bank fees, since I cancelled my order, spent my money to buy tobacco elsewhere, and you charged me for the order. Then the bank charged me £80 for going overdrawn.

    You guys are absolute rip off merchants and if you were a UK company I would have reported you to trading standards by now.

    I do not want a 10% discount. I hope this message warns other people off ever using rip off merchants such as yourselves.

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  • Ww Jul 05, 2012

    Dear customer,

    We are very sorry for the charges you incurred for going overdrawn.

    If you want we can offer you 50€ credit (aproximately 50% of your overdrawn fees) on your next order by just mentioning it in the comment field.

    We would really like fixing our error. We some times make mistakes (recently a few more than we should have) but we always try our best to fix them.

    We are not a rip off, otherwise we would not have survived since 1998 serving thousands of happy customers and a few unhappy due to our mistakes.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    0 Votes£395.00 pounds taken out of my account

This site is a scam, £395.00 pounds taken out of my account, no delivery, they return your emails with no results, checked on the web, many more have been caught. thier site looks very professional.why do we forget to check sites out before hand.

E-Tobaccos.comstolen money

I ordered tobacco for 113.- EUR in December 2010, and transferred the amount to the owners bank, Mr. J.M.Galet, Open Bank Santander Consumer S.a. in Madrid December the 14th. The company did not send the goods, and it seems to be a policy not to answer e-mail requests. Instead of answers, the companys e-mail system generates "troble tickets" stating that they will deal with the question within 48 hours. However, no answer are forwarded. After I threatened to file complaints against Mr. J.M.Galet and against, I actually received an answer from Mr. Felipe Fernandez the 1st of February 2011, stating that they are unable to deliver a part of my order and that they would like to have instructions on how to proceed. This is very interesting, because it shows that the mails are read, but the company simply do not answer them, at least not until someone threatens with official complaints against their owner! I instructed the company to send the goods and to exchange the undeliverable goods with another product. And guess what? They again refuse to answer my mails! Even if they ask me for instructions, which Mr. Fernandez also does in this forum, THEY NEVER ANSWER which makes in impossible to communicate with the company. I have now asked for the delivery several times without any reaction from I have also discovered that Mr. J.M.Galet operates a wine export company, AporVino, which has a home page with exactly the same design as I would not trust any of these two companys, and I want to warn all readers for Mr. J.M.Galets scam business! And just in case Mr. Fernandez would surface in this forum again, asking for information: My order number is 913467. Please send the goods, just exchange the undeliverables with a comparable product! S. Forsberg, Sweden

  • St
    stefan forsberg Mar 01, 2011

    2 days after filing this complaint report, Mr. J.M.Galet sent me an e-mail and apologized for my inconvenience. My order was immediately put together and shipped and I received my goods today!

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I have traded with this company on three occassions, twice last year and had no problem in receiving the goods I ordered, but unfortunately the goods I ordered in July 2017 have... — Big scam

I am a victim of the on line scam I ordered more than $250 cigarettes from / and the transaction were charged under the name ...