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B Nov 26, 2018
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Pretty sure I was scammed !! (store 3662 W. camp wisdom suite1050 Dallas TX, 75237)
I recently purchased a Samsung galaxy S7 edge($200) from a friend who also has an S8 and the new S9. I have T-Mobile service and my friend service is thru ATT so when I put my sim card inside in asked for a network passcode.11/16 I then took the phone to a local cell phone repair store and they told me that the still belongs to ATT according to the IME # you have to contact them. I also had a Cricket phone with the same problem locked needing a "PUK code" so the guy tells me" there's a Cricket store around the corner "(were inside a mall) so I go there and the manager tells me that he could unlock both phones for $25. ea. I agreed and he took phones to back for a long time which I could sense that something not right!! so I stepped out the store for about 15min and came back still not finished, when he finally came out he tell me he cant help me. I said what you mean after all that time, what was you doing to my phones back in that room. They told me that they could ONLY get the phones to work on their network Cricket, because its an ATT phone so I left with both phones still locked. 11/17"Stuck with it " contacted ATT when I got home and they said we can unlock the phone but its still registered to the original owner. called my friend and ask him to have his wife to call ATT and advise them that she no longer use the phone and to release the IME number lock so I could use the phone with any carrier. FWD that went through OK and fast so back on track, called ATT and they said on 11/16 the phone was activated with Cricket. I knew it I knew it !! some how that feeling I had was really real !! all that time in back with my phones now make since, he was back in that office activating my phone IME number under Cricket. I was pretty" tripped out" how they did something so slick (so they though) so now i thought no problem just call Cricket and explain to them what happen and cancel !! Wrong ... they told me not only is the phone not registered to Cricket, we don't have an account in your name, they then as me to turn on the phone see if it works. phone didn't work no service. So we are all thinking what's going on .. there's an activation to the IME number but phone has no service !! After Cricket customer service advised me to not take the phone back to the store they are the cause of this problem. didn't see no alternative since they couldn't verify an account, took phone back to the same store and i have to say they really tested my cool !! first one of the two ladies there flat out told me i didn't know what talking about because "you don't have an account with us" so i asked here to just listen to what im saying and where is that guy (supervisor) at ? i was told simply over & over & over & over again he's in a meeting ... i answered at 7pm ? however i could sense by their body language that they were uncomfortable for some reason, so i really start watching them and i could see that the Mexican girl was hiding her phone and texting the supervisor her phone was beeping a lot. so ask her to tell him come to the store there's a matter that needs to be fixed and i wanted to ask him "what did you do to my phones"!! i think she was texting and telling him to stay away. i start having this strange feeling again after she told me "im trying to be nice " i told her i have not done anything wrong here i just want the guy to put my phone back to the way it was. i wasn't cursing and swearing at all despite the games. so i said since you guys have done something to my phones that they only work with Cricket so i want to sign up since there's already an account, so funny how they responded. first they went to the back and had a meeting( "what can we do now meeting"). so the Mexican lady tells me that she don't want to do it and "we ran out of sim cards " so i told her there's an unknown sim card already in the phone that was put in by that supervisor, then she start talking Spanish and there were no Hispanics in the store !!! so again requested the supervisor " he's still in a meeting" that some BS !! so I said you guys think your smart ill prove other wise, I paused for a min. and said ill just take the phone to another store and let them activate it and they got really upset because they knew it would work. that's what I did went to another store 5min away got phone activated with service that I didn't want and that I was scammed into. (for some reason they were trying to disable my phone for use ??) I already had 2 lines with another carrier not needing any more just was trying to upgrade my phone. the other store 116 camp wisdom 75116 was very pleasant helpful and nice enough to listen !!! I would like a full refund and cancellation of that Cricket account and my phones IME # be cleared from Cricket Wireless !!! THANK YOU

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