Cricketliars and thieves

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I have a Sprint Samsung Epic 4 G so I came to cricket since they claimed my phone would work on their network. I paid $40 to have the phone flashed to cricket. I was told the flash would make the phone fully functional and I would never even notice it had been flashed. When I got my phone back after the flash I was told I had a new text app I needed to use, lie #1. The cricket rep called the cricket store from my phone and checked the internet, it worked. The next day I sat at home all day and my phone never rang. That evening my friend came over to my house and told me she had been calling all day. I saw her phone and she had called me at least 20 times. I tried to call her and the call wouldn't go through. I had to take the battery out and reset my phone. Later that evening while sending a text, I see that my text are not going out. I had to again turn the phone off and reset it. The next day I had to turn my phone off 5 times as service was not working properly. I had already spoke with tech support 3 times at this point. I have never encountered such rude customer service with any company before. The 4th day of service I went to a cricket corporate store. As soon as the rep saw my phone she said that phone doesn't work with our network. She told me my phone was listed as a Kyroceria in their computer. She explained to me calls and texts should work but mms and web are 50/50. She also showed me a copy of a Customer Unlocking and Flashing Agreement which I had not signed or ever seen for that matter. Calls and text are 50/50 for me and 50/50 web & mms on a $60 smartphone plan is unacceptable to me. I can't imagine who that would be acceptable with. Trying to get a supervisor on the phone is a nightmare. The reps refused to transfer me to a supervisor, hung up on me and pretty much told me I'm [censored] out of luck. They offered no apology what so ever. I couldn't even get something as simple as an apology, that's is the definition of terrible customer service. I asked for names and employee numbers and was refused that info by the first two people I spoke with. The third was Rick WTE5509. I seriously doubt his name was Rick as I could hardly understand a word he was saying. Day 5 of cricket service and I have spent more time on the phone and taken the battery out more times than I have with Sprint in 3 years. I'm out $60 for a months service, $40 for "fully functional" flash and $15 service fee. $115 for 5 days of 50/50 service and 7+ hours of dealing with the biggest a**holes I've ever encountered.

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