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Behind the Scenes are people who are highly trained Scam Artists and they know how to steal money from you. Worked at this company for 9 months. I was lied to and promised opportunity for promotion in about 8 months, upon, and when I did apply for the open promotion, they gave it to a person who had only been at the company for 2.5 months vs 8-months (being me). They say they do promotions based off quarter reviews and performance. Performance is understandable, which I was acknowledged for. Though, overall is nonsense, given my predicament. Also, 5 of my co-workers who I worked with when I first started in Processing, all got promoted within 8 months to better positions, 2 of which got promoted at the same time at 8-months of experience. The company has a fake culture that they force upon you, not because they cherish or practice anything religiously. Most, especially managers, of the people put on a fake, bubbly, super-nice personality, so, everyone seems nice upfront, but, when you actually start working truly in the atmosphere, it's a different animal entirely. Don't slip up with what you say verbally or electronically. DO NOT go into the processing department for this company, where I was, horrible micromanager and uneven work-to-pay-load.

  • Updated by Griffin Corter, Mar 16, 2019

    Some representatives at Rapid Unsecured Loans make false promises and commit unrealistically. Their process is simple but they lose the clients by not satisfying the impractical commitments they have set with the clients.

Mar 16, 2019
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  • Ce
      19th of Mar, 2019

    Communications interface with representative follow up was OK but the cost of the funds in the interest-rate and he term were very very unsatisfactory would never ever recommend them or use them again.

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  • Te
      20th of Mar, 2019

    All they do is false advertising of their work and do entirely opposite of that. Not recommended at all!!

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  • Ja
      20th of Mar, 2019

    I had/have a loan with this company and I went through another lender with a better rate to pay them off, which is what happened. However, even though my loan was paid in full, they continued to take payments from me. The payoff date was on the 31st and today is the 8th. Still taking out payments. I have a transaction receipt for the pay off amount but its nearly impossible to get in contact someone that can help take care of this. If I can't get this resolved they will continue to take payments out of my account even though they have been paid in full.

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  • Ga
      21st of Mar, 2019

    They were so bad at handling the work which caused me so much trouble. Their staff members aren't trained as they don't know how to do their given work at all. Bad decision contacting them!

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  • Ho
      22nd of Mar, 2019

    Honestly I don't know where to start with. I had a very frustrating experience with this non-responsive compay that seems to do nothing but be intent on ruining time and wasting money.

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  • Eu
      10th of Apr, 2019

    The sales department is a mess. They say they want you to advance but if you d not have hat brown-noser mentality they pass you up despite performing well at your job. The managers were toxic and verbally abusive. My fellow co-workers were afraid to leave their desk for lunch. They push the sales team to meet certain numbers while chastising them for setting unrealistic expectations to begin with.

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  • Ti
      11th of Apr, 2019

    When Credit Repair takes a long time to resolve the issues, the clients look for a positive response whenever they call them. But on every call, the clients are just presented with another lame excuse and are asked to wait for another couple of months. They are so terribly irresponsible.

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  • Mi
      11th of Apr, 2019

    Credit repair representatives are nice and friendly, t they fail to provide all the details. The representative was in a hurry to finalize the deal and thus did not mention about the initiation fee. This attitude somehow amazed me, it needs to be improved.

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  • Je
      12th of Apr, 2019

    You will be lied to over and over and the 24 hour support is nothing but people answering the phone at home overseas do not put yourself through the aggravation with this company seek some one else that has a track record.

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  • Ha
      17th of Apr, 2019

    Scam artist paid $1, 399 for a credit repair that never happened. Once they get your money, that's it! No follow up or anything. Requested refund told refund request forwarded to sales manager. When inquired about non posting of credit repair, kept getting run around. Once they take your money it's customer service or sales manager problem... Still no refund! Do not use this company!

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