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I am also feeling used, stupid and taken advantage of!

I enrolled in the Credit Solutions program in November, 2007. To date I have paid $759.50 for offers, no help.

When I called to complain, I was told I have to call them when I have the funds to settle my $10, 000 credit card balances. Hello, if I had money I would not need their help.

I was told they would work with my creditors to reduce my balances. My creditors tell me they have NEVER heard from Credit Solutions. The people at Credit Solutions assured me they have contacted my debtors. I asked for them to send proof that they have done something, anything to justify taking $759.50 of my hard earned money. No reply.

I need to know how to get out of this mess. Do I close my bank account so they cannot automatically take more money from me?

Any advise or help would be appreciated!


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    Shawn Wachter Aug 27, 2008
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    I'm in the exact position you are, with $744.00 paid to date to Credit Solutions.
    What did you end up doing? Did you cancel your contract and cut your losses?

    Please advise.
    Felling really duped by this company!


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    Betty Mcbrayer Mar 11, 2009

    If you are enrolled with creditsolutions now, and you have not had any results please email me @[email protected] I can help you recupe. You should hear how the employers are being treated.

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    Betty Mcbrayer Mar 11, 2009

    I am a former Employer of credit Solutions, and I can say that if you have have a complaint please email me . it did not take me long to realize that they are not a good company . Debt solution is good when you have good people representing you. And it does not cost as much as most people are being charged. I am launchng a program now to show people how to do just waht they are doing in less time and less money. And keep doing what they are doing and how to take advantage of the crisis. [email protected] I am not a big company I am just an employer that was released just because. the said production, but they outsource your accounts with people that don't get the correct information. and the majority of the accounts have been sitting for years with no call to the creditor. I complained about it, and the fact that clients were being lied to and I looked up no jobs. I now work with most of the clients. Because I told them the truth about thier package. email me [email protected]

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    Charles Apr 15, 2009

    Once again the lazy that found themselves in debt think that they will have to do nothing to get out of debt. Can any of you people take responsibility for getting into debt in the first place? If you follow their program, it works. Why would CSA call you about a settlement if you have no money saved? Freaking idiots. Just as you were proactive in getting into debt, you also have to be proactive in getting out! All of the hate on CSA is such a joke.

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    MissAshley22 Jul 23, 2009

    Charles why are you even on all of these complaints pages about CreditSolutions? Normally someone searches through these because they feel they have been done wrong...not to antagonize those who are searching for help and answers. I have to say that all of the hate you have on these individuals is a joke. You must be very pro-corporation. Though your use of words like "Freaking idiots" kind of says that you are just a very bored person of no caliber who likes to believe they are above everyone else. Why don't you waste your time elsewhere?

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    payson Oct 21, 2009

    all I have to say is thank God that I never went through with this. I called my cc company and made arrangements to pay $500 for 4 months and they lowered my interest and then the payments were $200 and then down to $130, which isnt bad. plus I have no creditors or law offices calling me. but my sister got my mother into this mess. she is having no luck with these idiots and having people call her all the time and they arent supposed to according to credit solutions. I hope my sister gets her out of this mess too. I wish she would have done the research first instead of just putting her onto this.

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    Nobody Smith Nov 02, 2009

    Before you accept that great job or other offers, with any debt settlement company consider this:

    1. They suck you in pump you up and make you think you are doing the right thing.
    2. What if someone gets sued? Just exactly what do they do if someone gets sued?
    3. What happens to all the interest and fees that are added to the debt as it ages?
    4. Yeah they will likely settle but now that the debt has doubled and they settle it for half, did you just pay the original amount anyway?

    Sales 101.1. (What they do not want you to know)
    I want you to know that everything the person on the phone tells you is from a carefully crafted script, designed to maintain control of the conversation. A good salesperson will deflect your questions until a specific part of the script. This way he/she can go to the objections section and “overcome your objections” Each sales person has a script of what to say and when to say. It even what emotions to use when talking or leaving a message. They have scripts of the most common objections and how to respond to them. So any question you have there is a script for it. Any reason you have to question if they are on the level, there is a script of that too. These people have more scripts than an iphone has apps. The emails are designed to make you feel like they are trying to help you and you are refusing help. Also every voicemail is scripted. They are not the only ones who do this. Most of the time when you get a sales call they are following a script designed to control the conversation and get you to agree with what you are being told.


    Just remember EVERYTHING they say is from a script, even the humor.

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    denise pinnock Nov 24, 2009

    , aci-berry go me too taking money out of my bank acct. too with out permission procative solutions t welloo internet scam lotto from africa as well, be careful of 3, 500.00 dollar check to send money to western union Something shoppers beware, , , , ,

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    Joey Staton Apr 01, 2010

    I also used to work for Credit Solutions of America. I quit there in March of 2007 and they tried to sue me for $50, 000 for getting a job elsewhere in settlement. Settlement is not a scam, and really Credit Solutions isn't either. They do not outline everything like they should, but they do perform a service (although not a great one). Their main problem is that they don't follow through with the plan. The tell you that they'll have customer service follow up with you on the regular, but this simply does not happen. You'll find yourself constantly calling them for why pay them? They had 250 people in the enrollment (sales) department there when I left, and they had less than 100 people in the on the back end (customer service, settlement department, etc..)

    Today I work for a much more reliable company called AFC Processing (Accredited Financial Corporation). We're members of TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies). I've helped out many people in the past few years here, and would love to help you succeed as well.

    We are not as large of a company, and that would help you out more in the long run, since you'll get needs met one on one. We're not a call center like they are either. We assign 4 individuals to your case. You'll have me on the back burner at all times. You'll also have 1 person in contracts to work with you on completing your working file. You'll then also have your own appointed customer service representative that will help field the calls from the creditors to our office. And last but certainly not least, you'll have 1 person from the settlement team assigned to you as well, and this is the person that negotiates with your creditors for you.

    We have very people in our enrollement (sales) department here, and many people in the back end to assist you. Our pricing is much less expensive than Credit Solutions, and we achieve better settlements for our clients as well.

    It can't hurt to call me. I'm probably the least pressuring person you'll ever speak with (something that Credit Solutions frowns upon since they're coached from day 1 to be over the top with people and fear them into enrolling).

    I look forward to helping you out. Mention where you found me and I'll lower our service fee as well.

    Bottom line, and what really matters here. Credit Solutions = large company with a tiny back end. AFC Processing = small company, and large back end @ 4:1 ratio! This makes a huge difference on your success in debt settlement.

    Joey Staton
    AFC Processing
    (877) 615-7977 direct line - no extension needed
    (214) 930-3109 24/7 assistance
    [email protected] email website

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    LFL Feb 25, 2011
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    You sound like the person that I talked to when I enrolled with Credit Solutions. Interesting take on why they do not follow through. It's just a job and hey they really could care less about the consumer that is in debt. Jut continue to e-mail them, eventually they will call you and say that they have terminated your account. I was out in one year of a 4 year program. Not because it worked but because I was the squeaky wheel and e-mailed them three times a day about how I wanted results and out of their program. It was a hugh mistake on my part. And hey Charles, I am not lazy, worked very hard for my money until the company closed and relocated to Dallas. Your just a really mean and unhappy person. I'll pray for you just as I will pray for all the unsuspecting souls that enter into an agreement with any debt reduction program.
    Yes I was stupid but I was also misinformed. Have a great day and all that enter into these programs..if in doubt don't. The credit card companies really will work with you. I found all this out the hard way!

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    LFL Mar 01, 2011
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    Just picked up my computer from Best Buy, $230.00 to remove this virus that their company infected my computer. The guy at Best Buy says to never click on links and to always type or paste information (website) in the URL Bar.
    Best Buy also stated that they are notorious with thier false advertisments and threatening advertisements, because they are not here in the USA and there are no consequences to their actions.
    Onece the virus is in, then your security system (Webroot) is worthless, because the damage and virus is already planted.
    Love to know how to get my money back for them infecting my computer. Best Buy also stated that there is no 100% cure for these mean people that have nothing better to do! Watch what you open and how you get there.

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