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R Jan 31, 2019

It is not actually a grant. The refer you to a partner, and this is how they make money.

For my wife, the partner helped, she reached her goal. The conditions for the grant was losing a certain amount of weight. It was tight, but she did it. However, when trying to collect the money, that is when the nightmare started. Maybe they expect people to no make it.

Anyway, 5 months waiting for my $900.

Excuses and excuses... They just want to talk over the phone, and over their own message board. No emails.

They kept stalling. They said the file was not received, then that there was a problem, then asked us to be patient because there was a backlog (funny is that you can't enroll so to avoid too many applicants having no funding, so this should not happen), then that a person there was taking too long to review things, then a person would get in touch with another one and would quickly look it up in the issue.

Everytime one different excuse, trying to buy time.

That is when they deleted the conversation history on the message board they own and control, and I saw a CTV news piece and found others who did not get their money as well, on Reddit. Then it sounded like a scam. I started to look for information, because there was no negative review when we started, and we notice that the group Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group, a FOR PROFIT organization, is the same from the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants and I noticed a loophole they are exploring and found the many people complaining about it.

The practices are shady. You only get money if you leave a comment in a thank you letter that they can use along with your image. In other words, they buy your review. And they reserve the right to not accept the review on their own unknown criteria, whether it is not good enough or if it makes them look bad.

No money. Five months waiting.

My recommendation is: AVOID THESE PEOPLE and other practices that are similar.

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  • Updated by Raf2019 · Feb 01, 2019

    Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group, the PROFITABLE organization that runs the Weight Loss Grants Program avertised grants for people who lose weight, using their partners, provided you reach the target.

    For the weight loss grants, they get money from referrals to clinics, gyms, etc. Then if you reached the goal, they pay you back 20 or 80% of what you already spent. Not really a grant, but it should work. If you do not reach the goal, you are out.

    My wife reached the goal before the deadline. She used one of their partners and Fit4Less, entitled to 80% of the partner, and 20% of the gym. The other conditions were to ask for invoices with the customer name on it, not just receipts, which she also provided in October, on her deadline, using their online system.

    Their website says it takes 45 days to pay you back. It also says that it won't take new participants if funds are depleted, so we were misled to believe that funds were secured.

    We are trying to collect our money, just over $900.

    It has been 5 MONTHS!!! We call, and they keep going around, buying time, giving excuses.

    Sent everything they asked, twice: a thanks letter, weight in and weight out documents signed by doctors, signed thanks letter, which was signed before.

    They deleted our conversation from their message board, showing they stalled, when they asked for the documents again, 2 months later, to which my wife quickly replied confirmed she had sent. The message deleted contained a date. We should something fishy at that time, when negative feedbacks started popping up all over the internet, so we saved print screens of the conversation, and we have the evidence of their deletion.

    After I got bold, since there was a CTV news piece on them, someone replied an email, asking if he/she could call and talk to us. I said no, that from now on, I want everything in writing. No reply so far.

    They act like scammers. What is up with this company address showing in Newark??? It is misleading!!! They are in Toronto!
    2300 Yong St., suites 1100 and 2002.

    And what about the Dalewood clinic, Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group, Weight Loss grants organization and Cosmetic Dentistry Grants organization, and all sub companies (organizations) and aliases, which are not for profit, but under a FOR PROFIT (OAAG Inc.) organization???

    They do not look like honest people. While they sit on our money in their luxury cars, we, that went to them for not being able to pay for weight loss support from professionals, take money from our little saving, to then beg for them to, PLEASE, give it back, because WE NEED IT!!!


  • Updated by Raf2019 · Feb 01, 2019

    Sorry about the typos, the cellphone autocorrect many stuff. I said I smelled something fishy. There are other minor typos.

    The correct Street name is "Yonge", in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and not in Newark, NJ, USA.

    If you are interested in the news piece:

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