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the company calls itself Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Programs. I applied onine and received a text from a Los Angeles phone 310-295-9877 about 12hrs later, advising me i had been approved. i was to contact their toll free number 866-670-9381 for further info. almost immediate the dental office they had assigned me to 'in good faith' called for an appt. (hillsview Dental Care in Anaheim hills) I declined, said I needed to know more about the program. the dental office then connected me to the 'grant'office. When that individual came on line, I explained that a grant is a specific amount of money given to me that I can apply to dentistry as I see fit. she was adamant that no... this is NOT what a grant is. (meaning I would be given a small percentage of a jacked up price and be responsible for the balance.) I asked to be removed from their call list. and then looked for reviews/found this page. I called them back to get the physical mailing address and they vehemently declined to give me the CA information.
THAT is an FCC violation. and now it does not end here


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    Tracie Mckray Jan 24, 2020

    Similar same experience but my fiancé just went to the appointment and their website says they accept care credit as a form of payment but they kept telling him he wasn’t an authorized user on the card & wanted real money...refusing to call care credit or Synchrony bank and refusing the print out on the card showing he is an authorized user and ultimately refusing him service all together until paying them a $50 deposit for who knows what??? He has dental insurance and they already provide all x-rays & cleanings, he only needs help with cosmetics

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    Tracie Mckray Jan 24, 2020

    Oh yeah, beware the name of the dentist is dba: program name Rana Dental Care at 1748 E Lugonia Ave in Redlands, Ca 909-794-5860, but registered business name is Smile Select Dental and upon calling myself they hung up on me and ignored me saying I was hostile & needed to breathe and get myself together before talking to them, then telling my fiancé they would have him kicked out and band from the program all because I, the cardholder called them to discuss the problem with paying with my CareCredit ... how many different red flags are raised leading to fraud...

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