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Y Jan 07, 2020

I am disgusted with this company. Let me first say, they care about the money, not about their customers and this is not a true grant - there is a catch.
When I first called them I told them I was on disability and was told that disability recipients are not eligible. Thinking this didn't seem right, I called back several months later. The woman asked me my age and I told her, 56. She told me "oh, then you are eligible." Fine. I fill out an application and am told that I will be contacted within a week. No word. Three weeks go by, nothing. I call and check on the application and the absolute rudest, most defensive, person I have ever spoken to, tells me I am not eligible. What?? Am I or am I not?
At this point I am really mad. I ask for a supervisor. She explains that it is different if someone is "not working or on disability", and when I try to clarify that these are two different things, she talks over me. During this phone call I am also told that the notes taken in my file say I wasn't working. What!? Throughout the call, the contempt in this woman's tone was palpable. I was clearly some piece of crap because I am on disability - yeah, a past professor, multi award-winning writer and business owner...thanks. She starts giving me this lecture on "eligibility" telling me that disability is a problem because they have been "burned in the past" by patients on disability. That did it. I blew my stack.
I told this woman, look, a grant should be based on numbers and numbers only! It is not up to you to decide who is "worthy" and who isn't. You either qualify or you don't. She tried again to lecture me, mentioning that there were ways to establish eligibility. Wait. It is a grant, right?
Apparently, if you qualify for a $3, 000 loan from you can be eligible for the grant. Huh? How is this legally even called a grant. I have won grants as a professor and only had to show need and how I would use the grant.
I do not trust this company. They were not straightforward and honest with me, and they were disorganized and inconsistent. I would not recommend them to anyone, and I am still angry that they had the gaul to lecture me.
One either qualifies for a grant or doesn't. My guess is that this company cannot, by law, turn disability recipients away, so instead they lecture and/or try to "explain", why the persons application was not approved.
In other words, I think that are compliant with discrimination laws in paper but happy to discriminate against you on the phone where no one knows what is happening.
There is no doubt in my mind that I was discriminated against. This company is not deserving of the public's trust.

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