Compugra Systemsbeware: ceo rammohan vedantham is a crook!

U Nov 27, 2017

I wish to God I had read these Glassdoor reviews before signing up with this crooked company. Rammohan is a filthy liar and he steals your money and says "sue me". Compugra owes $700, 000 to the IRS and they will take YOUR pay. IRS will divert your money and you will end up paying this crook's IRS tab. I've been trying to get Rammohan to keep his word but he ignores your calls, emails, messages, etc. He'll keep telling you I'll pay you today, tomorrow, next week and he'll keep lying a hundred times. He's done that to me personally for over 8 months! This jerk has no honor and I hope he burns in hell for what he's done to so many individuals for SEVERAL YEARS.

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