Complete Companieswe were charged a deposit and services were never rendered.

P Jul 10, 2019

I contacted Joshua Garfinkle to request work in my bathroom. Removal and replacement of Drywall that was moldy, and to paint the bathroom. On 4/26/16 I contacted Joshua Garfinkle to preform a repair to my bathroom.

This was for a replacement of moldy drywall in bathroom. Repair any damage to the beams/structure once the drywall was removed. Finally to paint the bathroom once completed to my spec./color.

I received a proposal via email on 6/15/16 from Joshua Garfinkle detailing the promised work at a total cost of $956. On 5/3 we spoke with Amy Garfinkle and scheduled an appointment. We agreed per the original proposal to pay 50% or $478. This payment was made on 5/3/16 by credit card. We had to reschedule the original appointment due to an unexpected event.

Joshua Garfinkle was understanding and promised a call back from Amy Garfinkle to reschedule. We received a voice mail and email from Amy Garfinkle on 7/8 to set up the appointment. This was the last contact we had from them.

We have made multiple attempts to contact them to reschedule. We attempted on 6/18 and 6/26 via email. These attempts preceded her most recent email. Since then we have made multiple phone calls as well as 2 emails on 8/31 and a text to his cell number on 9/19/16.

One of the emails sent on 8/31 as well as the text message both request a refund of the deposit.

They never completed any work on our bathroom.

I requested a refund due to the lack of responsiveness when trying to reschedule the appointment.

I do not want to do business with anyone who is unresponsive to our requests.

Joshua Garfinkle and Amy Garfinkle are scammers and thieves.

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