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I had won around 30M and I was playing with my poker buddies “just having a good nice with them” I was so careless and loss a few millions (around 5M) to different friends”". (Note: I didn’t had any intention of giving away my chips) I was just trying my blind luck. But, Zynga banned me just b’coz I had bad cards and now I have $5600 chips. Please, please kindly look into my problems.. I am feeling very sad and depressed for losing all my chips after having such a hard time earning them. I really am a fan of poker and plays it daily but now, due to this cruel actions of banning my account and taking all my chips is hurting me a lot…

I didn’t know zynga would do such a cruel thing to me… please give me my chips back… I’ll be more cautious next time…

I don’t know who I am more angry at the ### that sent me a scam gift on zynga poker and then hacked 120 million chips when I was at work or the good old folks at zynga for banning my account because of this. I am a nurse who has played poker for over 4 years and am in the %5 of players who actually buys chips occasionally. As soon as I clicked on a gift (that was in my gift box on the poker game), I knew I had made my poker account open for someone to steal my chips and they did the next day while I was pulling a tiresome 12 hour shift at the hospital taking care of dying cancer patients. How low can you get.

I hope the ### that stole my chips comes down with gram positive cocci all over their body. To make a long story short, hears how it went. Friday, clicked on scam gift, Sunday, chips hacked (they left me 1 million, obvious a caring scammer), Tuesday, chips restored by customer service, Wednesday, account banned, Thursday, chips restored and account unbanned after second investigation by zynga support, Friday, account banned again. WTF.

I have waisted many hours of my time, playing this game called poker on zynga facebook just to have all my chips hacked even with all the facebook security measures in place. But who, I am more angry at is zynga who accuses the victim (ME), of use of bots, third party softwear, cheating, etc. I am not sure I would know what a bot was if it sat down beside me and as far as download software, this girl can hardly sign onto my 401 k account without calling customer support. After numerous emails (30) and phone calls to the tech department (might as well been talking to a pinecone), I have decided that all this time was waisted in my life. Playing a silly game to amount a pile of chips (that you can’t spend) only to have them stolen and then you are accused of all kinds of things.

One thing I have learned playing poker is you got to know when to fold em and walk away. For all of you who have your chips stolen, this is my advice. Change your passwords on both email for facebook and your mail account. Run a virus scan on your computer. Contact customer service, I must say the first week, they rocked with a five star rating. If you can’t get your account fixed by email contact the 1 800 number for tech support at zynga. Again, I am not bashing everyone at zynga customer support because the first week when I got my chips back twice, they were on the ball. But now after sending email after email and thinking maybe it is time for me to give up the fight for the game I did love.

If I had known you were gonna ban my account, I would have liked to at least play at the big tables, not a the 10 chip tables. Glad I protected my chips all these years, just for a ### ball to steal them. Guess I will not be buying anymore game cards from cvs and walmart anymore cause I have no poker table to play on. I will miss my poker friends. Good luck at the tables, don’t except any mystery gift from someone unknown (non facebook, non poker friend), it’s a hack. Once they get your name, they got your chips.

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  • Ih
      1st of Sep, 2012

    horrible.. it happend to me a few months back.. i managed to build up a stack of $180m, lost $5m to a friend, went back online the next day and only $2m remaining.. i was shocked and confused, but most of all angry.. i have never brought chips and i have no intentions to, i spent over 4months building my chip stack from $2k to $180m and it disappeared with in a blink, heartbreaking! however there is one positive i can take from this experience, firstly i was spending alot of my spare time playing this silly silly game, neglecting other things in my life, and wasting hours and hours, stressing over something that isnt even real.. lol, take my advice guys, this game is not worth the effort or time.. if your going to play poker, play for real!

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  • Su
      23rd of Nov, 2012

    account banned

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  • Mo
      25th of Nov, 2012

    i had 28 M and i have banned yesterday how can i get my chips back???? iam very angry

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  • An
      11th of Nov, 2016

    Zynga apologised to me on banning account and open it within few hours :)))) didn't even touched the

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  • Mr
      30th of Nov, 2016

    I Just got banned on 11/30/2016 at 10:30.A.M for 385M that is so sad and so bad, it took me months to earn them, that is not far enough. That isn't the way how to treat your customers. I am absolutely disappointed and frustratedon that, cause if i really did anything or something wrong or illegally i would confess that without any doubt... banning me for 385M and suspending me for no reason that hearts. i'd like to have a respond on my comment and complaint as soon as possible on that! Eventually! I'd like to have them all back my chips and reactivate my account. Thank you!

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  • Fl
      29th of Jan, 2018

    hi zynga, why my account banned, l never transer chips, please let me play again.

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