Zyngaapp game spades plus

I have been playing The Zynga game for about six weeks. I initially purchased 50, 000 coins for I thought would be for 50 games. But no. As soon as I purchase coins, Zynga without my knowledge or consent increases Both
The minimum buyin for a game
And increases my minimum bet ( often to 10x my last bet). This happens every time I leave the game or change tables, so it requires one to be on ones toes at all times and to check everything all the time. They do it sneakily.

Frankly, I didnt notice what Zynga was doing initially but did notice the following as well. As soon as I purchased chips, I lost over and over again having been paired with such inferior players that lost purposefully

  • Updated by Yogikuda, Dec 06, 2018

    Also, Zynga does not provide any supervisory authority over the game making players subject to horrible bullying and swearing. Players can "throw" games with recourse - which happens continually. Cheating with pre formed two man teams is rampant. Don't complain as the perpetrators will just ramp up and Zynga will do nothing. I deleted it, never will spend another penny on any Zynga game ever again, and will tell everyone I know about this fraudulent Sam of a game

Dec 06, 2018

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