Zetronix / Shoty product/Item sent back in APRIL, 2010, and NEVER FIXED OR RETURNED!!

United States

It's been a couple of year now, but I spent $250, or $350, ( It's been so, long I forgot now) on a pair of "80 video glasses. I used them once, or twice, then they just stopped working. So, after I E-mailed Edward, (technical support person-and I think owner of Zetronix) which in it's self took a long time correspond. I decided to send them back...8 MONTHS AGO, BACK IN APRIL, 2010. And, anytime I finally get ANY answer, it is..."They're at the factory being fixed. AND, DON'T TRY TO CALL THEIR "CUSTOMER SERVICE"", BECAUSE THEY' NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE, OR HAVE THEIR "LIVE CHAT" WINDOW WORKING!

I'm a 100% SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED VETERAN. Therefore, I only get paid one a month for the constant pain I'm in everyday. However, I told Edward at Zetronix that I would even PAY for them to be fixed correctly, and sent back to me, [although, I personally don't think it's right] that was 2 days ago on November 17th, 2010, but still NO REPLY:-(

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