Zaxby'svery poor customer service

Ca Nov 28, 2018 Durham NC

We went to dine at Zaxby's at 5:45 pm. At the Durham, NC location on Roxboro Rd.. The cashier was positioned at the register to the right and I was front facing
The cashier never asked to take my husband's order, when it became my turn to order she just stood and looked at me and said nothing even after I said "hello". We had to go back to the counter to ask for utensils as we had salad and coleslaw. This location has very unfriendly employees. We've noticed it a time or two on previous visits with other employees but tried to ignore it. (The last time they ran out of ketchup and didn't want to fill the despenser. The ketchup bag sat visible on the counter. My husband ran next door to another restaurant to get ketchup. We most likely wont be going back to that Durham location. There are too many nearby choices with employees who know how to treat their customers.

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