[Resolved] / next month charges before current month membership expiration

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I subscribed to Roku High Quality Mega Telugu Pack on Oct 24th, 2010 and it is supposed to expire on Nov 2nd. I wanted to cancel my next month membership(Nov 2nd-Dec 2nd) before the current membership expires as there were lot of buffering issues.

The Expiration date for your package is 11/2/2010 12:00:00 AM"

On Nov1st 10 AM, I got an email saying that your memerbship is renewed. How can they renew my membership on Nov 1st, if it is expiring on Nov 2nd?

Order Number: EQCP6A262301
Authorization Code: 111111
Transaction Date: 01-Nov-10 07:02 AM
Transaction Amount: 19.99
City: XXX
State: NJ
Zip Code: XXX
Response: Approved

I logged into my account on Nov 1st to cancel my membership and this is what I see

Dear Customers, This is for your kind information that your subscription Renewal is in process. so please wait for complete transaction process. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted!

I chatted with Agent chat to see what is going on. I asked her to cancel my membership immediately and this is what she said

ok, please follow the below steps before 1st or after 3rd to cancel your account, because due to transaction process, cancellations are not happen on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of every month

So the chat agent confirmed that I will be charged for Nov 1st, 2nd and 3rd even though I wanted to cancel on Nov 1st (before my next month membership starts)

This is what Yupptv website says about cancellation

How do I get the refund ?

ยป You may terminate your subscription at any point of time or for any reason and YuppTV ensures that your credit card will be fully reimbursed.

This is very shady practice and they are breaking their own terms and conditions mentioned on website.

I want complete refund of $19.99 for the month of Nov 2nd - Dec 2nd.


  • Resolution statement customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

  • Jaya Prakash's Response, Apr 23, 2019

    I have subscribed to yupptv monthly pass...I cannot access any channels...if cannot solve this problem return my cash...I am using Hathaway broadband to access your TV channels...

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  • Su
      Feb 12, 2011

    I also had same experience with YuppTV. I sent several emails and chat with them to cancel my account and remove my credit card information from their system with NO LUCK.
    1. You cannot cancel membership on
    2. You cannot remove credit card information from
    3. You cannot reach Billing department either on Phone or Email.
    4. The worst customer service I ever had in my life.
    5. I strongly suggest everyone out there to be more cautious.

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  • Gl
      Aug 10, 2011

    Even I had the same issue with Yupp customer service. Never responds to my email and my credit card information is with them. I should have taken proper care before subscribing to this idiotic service.

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  • Ra
      Aug 25, 2011

    I have been using for sometime and i had no problem in their service. In between i had disconnected once also and it was easy and smooth. Again i had subscribed to YUPPTV. The quality of service is also very good. Also they are having maximum number TV channels and packages.

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  • Ms
      Oct 13, 2011

    I am having the same issue. How to cancel it? They gave me a email [protected] and it does not work. Very bad people. Afraid these are run bad extreemist in pk.

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  • M1
      Nov 15, 2011

    Hi guys.. Dispute your CC transaction with your credit card company, definitely you will get solution. If everyone started to dispute their CC transaction, if they have been charged after cancellation of subscription, on a long time - definitely YuppTV will get wrong reputation with CC companies...

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  • Yu
      Nov 29, 2011

    WORST Customer service. NO respect to customer. They things they can survive with any way.

    Choose the other services. I would pay more for other provider than YUPPTV. THE F...TV

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  • Ra
      Nov 30, 2011

    I have been trying to cancel my account since yesterday. The online live support chat agent was pathetic. He couldn't communicate anything coherently. Cancellation cannot be done online or through these agents. He gave me an email [protected] So far .. no reply to my cancellation request email. I have read people saying how the cancellation cannot happen on the first 3 days of the month. I have notified them on the 29th. If they still charge my card on the 2nd I am gonna dispute it with my card provider and probably try to raise a complaint with the BBB.

    BTW the service was good until 3 days ago when some of the channels went out. Also the channels are not live - they are exactly A WEEK OLD. Their phone service is non-existent. I have tried many times. Even the 24x7 live chat support is offline during day time !!! and you are asked to leave a message.

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  • Yu
      Dec 25, 2011

    Dear Sir, we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please provide us your YuppTV login id. I will immediately arrange a call to get the issue resolved.
    Regarding the live channels, all are channels are Live. We provide them at Live (IST), Live (CST) and VODs. Only Star Vijay channel is International channel which is a regular channel available through out USA. If you will compare that channel with India than you might find some difference as both the channels are completely different.
    Please send us the details at [protected], we will call you to get the issue resolved immediately.

    Thanks & Regards,
    YuppTV Support

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  • Yu
      Dec 25, 2011

    Dear Users,
    We have seen that few of our customers had some bad experience with our services.
    We accept that till few months ago we were not able to provide good after sale services but with the help of your valuable feedback today we have a very good and efficient time available 24/7 to help all our customers. YuppTV has always been a customer focused company. If you have any grievance or any feedback for us please let us know at [protected]
    I promise you will get a response within 48 hours.

    Thanks & Regards,
    YuppTV Support Team

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  • Ma
      Jan 02, 2012

    I had the same experience with them and I don't know why people are not taking them to court for this. They are violating terms and conditions and should be penalized for the same. Why should the service be forced on me if your system cannot handle cancellations on some particular day! This is the first time that I've heard of such thing considering the fact that I have about 7 years of billing developments background.
    Worst business, worst customer care!!

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  • Yu
      Jan 02, 2012

    Dear Sir, We never force our services to consumers. Its true that we cannot cancel package between 1st to 3rd of any month but we will give you the refund from the date you have asked for the cancellation. If you have asked to cacel your package on 2nd jan say, we will cancel your package on 3rd but provide you the refund from 2nd itself. If you see you are the one getting benefit here. You are getting a day of service free of charge. Please let us know your login id at [protected] and we would do the needful. IIf you find this reply helpful, I would really appreciate if you can upload a positive comment in this thread.

    Thanks & Regards,
    YuppTV Support Team

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  • Pa
      Feb 29, 2012

    These crooks seem like a scam. I've asked for cancellation as well three days ago. But there is no response. They will continue to charge you. Pathetic ###

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  • Vi
      Mar 03, 2012

    Hi People,
    There is a particular process for every thing. and this is a great task that we can watch the india channels across the world, so please get in touch with the correct person the Tech team are customer service reps, so that they can resolve the issue.
    Mail them the information and they will get back to you for sure.

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  • Ss
      Apr 01, 2012

    The same story here. No cancellation on 1st to the 3rd of every month, and then the person I chatted with - Charan - says that there will be no refund either. I will be charged for the entire month. Complete nonsense.

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  • Vi
      Apr 02, 2012

    Iam sorry friends that i was confident that YUPP TV (Global Take Off) will take care of the issues, but i will not infact it can not do so.. as per the information from the employees of YUPP TV i heard that the services will be shutting down by end of MAY 2012. the company is in to losses and the employee salaries are not paid in time. Incase if you YUPP TV is not cancelling your account please file and case in Paypal and they will reverse the amount.
    YUPP TV promised that we can cancel the subscription any time, i heard that after kushal (manager) and swapna leaving YUPP TV the situations are very bad. so cancel your subscription and move to reliable IP TV are Dish TV. its a suggestions and please inform your friends that they can cancel the package and incase the YUPP TV is not cancelling your account then charge it from paypal. dont trust this YUPP TV. the customer service sucks and people will suffer..

    so friends becare ful and dont pay any amount...

    Thanks ... visesh.k

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  • Pe
      Apr 03, 2012

    Hello Folks!
    I have been using YUPP TV since 3 years now and recently they have added few Hindi channels as well. I personally know few technical support employees, they have always been helpful with all the issues. At times they have been generous to extend my packages also with out any cost. I am not sure how did our friend Visesh came to so many nasty conclusions and know so much about companies employees and even its business. Why would a company purchase more contents such as Zee Tv and few Start channels. Anyways there are few people who uses wrong practices to demote its competitor or try to rubbish things.


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  • Bh
      Apr 03, 2012

    I have been a customer for from last 2 and half years. i think its a great service. Can any one of the guys complained here can give me another websites where i can watch TV channels on all devices like xbox, ps3, iphone or any device with a single account. I think yupptv is the only unique service which provides all those things. When coming customer care. I never had chatted with them in last 2 years, bcase i have no issues to chat. One guiy claimed that there is no money with yupptv. But i cannot understand, if there is no money how can advertise their product. any telugu site or tamil site i go i can see the ads of only . Last but no the least is their any other company which provides telugu, tamil, kannada, malayalam, hindi, english, bangla languages.

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  • Gv
      Aug 08, 2012

    There are a bunch of people promoted by some competitors who are spreading wrong messages here in this board. I've been a customer of YuppTV for the past 2 years and have absolutely no issues with their service.
    I have also tried other services like Channel Live, Watch Sun TV etc, and nothing comes close to the quality of YuppTV.
    No one else provides Video On Demand of programs telecast-ed in the last 1 week/10 days.
    No one else provides such a high quality streaming.
    No one else provides Both Live and Time-shifted feeds of almost all the channels.
    You cannot watch any other providers streaming in devices like Sony Streaming Player, Samsung/Sony/LG/Panasonic Smart TV as well as Blu-Ray players. They are also available on PlayOn.
    With the recent Roku-Dish deal, everyone else has run out of business, but YuppTV will sure survive because they are available on almost all the Smart devices.

    Reach out to the right person to get your issues resolved.

    Agreed, their system seems to have issues cancelling in particular day of the month. But their own support people have responded in this thread that, even though there is such restriction, they will be providing refund from the day you indeed wanted the cancellation to take place.

    There are a few fellow friends who have come up with the same original complaint, despite such a polite response from the concerned team.

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  • Wa
      Aug 08, 2012


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  • Da
      Aug 10, 2012

    yupp tv is the worst i have ever seen there service.

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  • Da
      Aug 10, 2012

    i have registered with yupp tv with the idea that they are good tv channel provider.but they are also money maker like others.they deduct money without our knowledge.i booked for 24ghanta channel.they did not provide me anything but deducting money on time i just now chat live with irfan to close my account.but he said sorry you have to go [protected] .i feel they are simply cheating people.

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  • Me
      Sep 07, 2012

    Hi friends, Its very exciting to watch yupptv on WD live new zealand...yupppiee. i just recently joined yupptv. i like the quality and the package...keep going yupptv..

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  • Gk
      Oct 19, 2012

    Definitely agree with the negative feedback on this forum.
    I subscribed to the one year package and after subscribing I was told that YUPP TV does not support Roku device anymore.
    I had sent a cancellation request on October 6th and I received a call from a YuppTV agent immediately.
    I was told that a Sony SMP streaming player will be provided free of cost and $20 fee will be charged for shipping and activation. I made the payment for $20 while I was on the phone with the representative. The agent also promised that I will receive the device within 7 days.
    I have not received the device until today and nobody was able to provide a status on the delivery even after frequent enquiries on the live chat. I was provided a Sony store order number but that order number was bogus when I checked on the Sony store website.
    I have also asked repeatedly on the live chat to send a status email regarding the delivery of the device and have not received any till date. They just ask you to bear with them but no concrete response as to when the device will be delivered.
    I have not even started using my new subscription and sent another cancellation email. This time nobody called and I am still waiting for a response on the status of the device.

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  • Sr
      Oct 23, 2012

    I agree that Yupp tv service sucks. I had this service for 1 yr. Now I had issue and had no service for 9 days and I spoke to 4 different customers on call for more than 2hrs and in waiting for couple. FInally I wanted to cancel the service and no response to the cancellation email for last 3 days. Is there a way to report these practices or atleast shame them in a way they realise thier mistakes hard way?

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  • Yu
      Oct 26, 2012

    I totally agree that YUPPTV customer service sucks.

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  • Yu
      Oct 26, 2012

    I do not know why these people have to act like this. Can they not rely on their quality & service to retain business.

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  • Bi
      Dec 19, 2012

    I purchased 1 year subscription and after 2 months into the contact, they changed the contract. They do not know how to honor the terms of the 1 year contract term. They cannot change any terms with out mutual agreement. So when I signed up they mentioned over the chat that upto 5 devices can be connected. Now they are asking me to pay additional 20 dollars as one time activation fees and 2.99 per month. So the ethics in which this business operates are completely out of control and I'm have opened a Consumer Affaires case to address these concerns.

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  • Ra
      Jan 07, 2013

    I agree that quality of content is good, but the Customer Service is too bad, they don't what they are talking about. Unless YUPPTV improves customer service it will be too difficult to sustain.

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  • Yu
      Apr 01, 2013

    Worst billing service
    Not switching to yearly package as assured and customer service is crappy, real crappy. One person agrees to refund and says I am all set, and then one month later they say, no we never agreed

    DONT SUBSCRIBE. There are better providers.

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  • Rj
      Apr 12, 2013

    I have taken the yupp TV Jalwa subscription almost a year back.I have been trying to cancel my account since last three months, but I have been charged for all three months .I had chatted with live chat agents in march 2013 and they said you will receive an email your subscription is cancelled and it will be effective from 1st april 2013. I did not receive any email and my cad has been charged on first april. I called their Customer care on April 10, 2013 Some "Ramesh" told asked me if I know the name of the person Whom I chatted with for cancellation, I said I don't remember. He assured me that he will get all the details and I will receive a call in another 2-3 hours, its 12thApril today and no calls from YuppTV customer service. I was shocked to read above reviews about cancellations. It is really true. I would warn everyone to be aware. I am not sure how to get my money back from them .

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  • Aa
      May 12, 2013

    just they are selling a product ..but service is very poor and they are charging after cancellation ...the picture quality and streaming sucks every minute ...ii had call many time to customer service ..they keep saying change some servers check for few minutes...i really fed up with the service ...if they are charging they should provides service ...but waste of money and time if we go with i dispute to my CC company ...they stop my service and change to another service and now i am happy ...

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  • Sr
      May 22, 2013

    YuppTV are cheats. They promised good service but all i got is very poor service. No one cares once you pay the money. there is no refund policy. ALL THOSE WHO WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO YUPPTV, THINK TWICE BEFORE SUBSCRIBING.

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  • Sa
      Jun 07, 2013

    Guys .. please find my rchat ecord with Yupp Tv . and decide if you still want to subscribe.

    9:52:26 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    I understand sir, it has been escalated and will make sure issue wikll be fixed soon

    9:52:41 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    So kindly please bear with us

    9:53:22 PM: satish:
    may i know what you had understand and what i need to understand ?

    9:57:30 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    etv icon is missing

    9:58:12 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    For this the agents who spoke to you already sent an email to concern team

    9:58:28 PM: satish:
    ok good

    9:58:57 PM: satish:
    so for this kind of issue, usually how many days will you need to fix it ?

    9:59:29 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Actually we will fix this issue with in 24-48hrs of time

    9:59:38 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    But I am sorry for the delay sir

    10:00:00 PM: satish:
    so do you know since when im complaining ?

    10:00:23 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    On high priority I will send an email agaian and I will make sure it will be fixed soon '

    10:00:29 PM: satish:
    what miracle is going to happen in next 24 hrs ?

    10:01:10 PM: satish:
    do you have a manager?

    10:02:12 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    as of now he is in meeting sir

    10:02:26 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    i will make sure it will be fixed soon sir

    10:02:46 PM: satish:
    ask him to resign first

    10:02:58 PM: satish:
    he dont know how to make you guys work

    10:03:25 PM: satish:
    and you dont have even a basic ethics to support ur customers'

    10:03:41 PM: satish:
    you guys are not fit for customer service

    10:04:39 PM: satish:
    when you cant fix an issue on time then its the minimum common sence and support ethic that you need to inform about the status to ur customer

    10:05:11 PM: satish:
    i need to talk to ur manager first

    10:05:18 PM: satish:
    plz put him on line

    10:05:27 PM: satish:
    ill wait for him

    10:05:45 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    as of now he is not available

    10:05:57 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Please give your contac number

    10:06:02 PM: satish:
    then when he will be available ?

    10:06:05 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    i will arrange acall back

    10:06:06 PM: satish:

    10:06:09 PM: satish:

    10:06:13 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Thank you

    10:06:25 PM: satish:
    when he will call me ?

    10:06:31 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Is that okay can I arrange call back after 3 hrs

    10:06:46 PM: satish:
    now its 1 AM for me

    10:07:07 PM: satish:
    so what do you think ?

    10:07:52 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Then I will arrange a call back around 9 am your time

    10:08:14 PM: satish:
    so as of now what is the status

    10:08:25 PM: satish:
    and what ur tech guys has been doing ?

    10:08:43 PM: satish:
    since i raise this issue for 5 days now

    10:08:53 PM: satish:
    it has become a joke

    10:09:25 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    I really apologies for that sir

    10:09:47 PM: satish:
    im too

    10:09:58 PM: satish:
    but that is not going to help us both

    10:10:30 PM: satish:
    we need solution not apology

    10:10:54 PM: satish:
    so what would you do in my place ?

    10:11:08 PM: satish:
    im very curious about this answer ?

    10:11:36 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    I understand your frustration sir

    10:11:49 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    I will make sure, issue will be fixed soon

    10:12:07 PM: satish:
    can u read the yesterdays chat plz

    10:12:34 PM: satish:
    i guess you guys are only trained to apologise and ask for 24 hrs

    10:12:56 PM: satish:
    so other that is there any solution you provide ?

    10:13:20 PM: satish:
    im hearing the same copy paste answer for the last 4 irritating days

    10:13:34 PM: satish:
    plz i need a different answer

    10:13:41 PM: satish:
    give me a break

    10:15:15 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    i understand sir, if our concern could fix your issue right now by putting you on hold, but our concern department will not work at this time sir

    10:15:36 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Other wis e I would have not requested you this long time

    10:15:38 PM: satish:
    that is the problem

    10:15:50 PM: satish:
    they dont work any time

    10:16:19 PM: satish:
    if they atleast spend 5-10 min then they would atleast can analise what might happend in last 5 days

    10:16:38 PM: satish:
    how many hours a week ur guys work ?

    10:16:48 PM: satish:
    huh this is not ur fault

    10:17:04 PM: satish:
    ask ur manager to call me

    10:17:50 PM: satish:
    i had recomended 5 persons to subscribe

    10:18:07 PM: satish:
    and thank god you had shown ur true color early

    10:18:27 PM: satish:
    ok ask ur manager to call me

    10:19:02 PM: satish:
    i would has been happy .. atleast some one would had called me and update on this issue

    10:19:03 PM: RamaKrishna Kodeboina:
    Sure I will do that

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  • Cs
      Jun 09, 2013

    Worst customer service. I took package for 3 months. And before I took they told that I will be getting free hindi economy package. But I did not get it after 4 days. I called them and I got the hindi economy pacakage. After one month it is gone. When I called them they told that hindi economy package is only for one month. But they told that they will give us as promised in 2 days. After 2 days they said the same thing and this went on for 5-6 times. And I gave up hope. Then after 3 months I see a charge of $19.32 on my credit card. I called them and they say you have a recurring payment for every month. When I further inquired they told that it is because I took 3 month package I will get monthly recurring payment since I subscribed. I told the agent to remove my credit card details, but he told that they don't store any credit card details. They think we are fools. How come they charge the credit card without storing our credit card details? Then another agent told it is by mistake I am getting charged and I will get a pro-rated refund of $15.99. I asked why pro-rated? Then the agent told that I will see two return credits on my credit card. One will be $15.99 and other for $3.33. After 1 week I see a return payment of $15.99 but not $3.33. Now I have to call and inquire about it again. This is so stupidity. They want to waste our time, if we do not follow up then we are getting charged as they like it. All they want to do is illegal practice. I will never subscribe anything from them now. Does any one know how to send these guys behind bars?

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  • Ms
      Jul 01, 2013

    hi fellas,
    i have personally been using YuppTV ever since me and my family have shifted to US.
    there service is first class with my amazing features like customer can watch it on multiple devices at the same time, you can cancel the package temp (if you are on a holiday) and renew it again, VOD for 1 week and many more which i dont think is available with anyone other player...
    i have also come across few issues with it sometimes, but trust me all my issues have been perfectly resolved by there 24/7 customer support.
    We love YuppTV and we definitely make it a point to refer it to any Indian coming here.

    Ms. Patel

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  • Ts
      Jul 01, 2013

    I have got assurance to stop collecting my subscription including refund. Every month they take it.
    if anyone would like a common legal action, please contact my id tsecure.[protected]

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  • Ts
      Jul 01, 2013

    I have got assurance to cancel the subscription including refund of previous month. I saw payment taken today.
    If anyone would like to join a common legal action please contact me at tsecure.[protected]
    you dont have to share fees but i need numbers to prove that this behavior is not one off !

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  • Ra
      Jul 15, 2013

    I have subscribed to hindi movie package 2 weeks back and not able to watch it till date, whenever I try to click on the channel it ask me to enter the code, tried several time activating deactivating the channel, worked several customer service reps but no luck always got the same assurance "will fix it in 24 hours", horrible experience with customer service...

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  • Gu
      Jul 18, 2013

    I just saw this forum and totally disagree with above comments. maybe long ago (in 2011) there service was bad but now i am using their service. I am in Chicago...I am loving it. My parents have visited me and this is the best service they could enjoy. Yes i could find ETV channel in their service but my parents are happy wilth other channels. Good Job Yupp...keep it up.

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  • Gu
      Jul 18, 2013

    i don't know why people have posted such bad reviews about yupp service as I have been using this service since last 2 months now and i m loving it. My parents visited me and this was the best service i could have got for them. Though I would have appreciated ETV channel but other channels are good enough. Guys get some more hindi channels...great job yupp keep it up!

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