YRC / Sent OUR customer OUR bill

WV, United States

We USED to ship YRC for our customers here in West Virginia through The UPS Store. We shipped to hundreds of clients going through many freight carriers that we get great discounts through. I shipped 4 grandfather clocks through YRC for around $300.00 a peice and they are supose to bill our company...The UPS Store. Instead they started billing OUR customers that already paid for the shipments. I called them 4 different times for 4 different shipments telling them they are billing OUR customers. I talkes to a lady the first time and she practically told me I was lying. The other 3 times I talked to a gentleman and he guaranteed me that they would fix the problem. I tried one more time to ship a harpiscord through YRC and guess what...yep they billed my customer again. Lets just say YRC has now lost our freight business. If you guys ever need help freight shipping, just shoot me an email or call me. We get great discounts through many GREAT carriers! [protected][protected]

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