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On February 9th 2012, my life partner went to this breeder's site and found Max a six month old teacup Yorkie under the rescue page of his site. We immediately called and advised we would take him. I met him at his home in Bells, Texas where Max was in the house. He gave me a story that Max was wrapped up in a blanket and was suffocated by his previous owner, causing him to be blind and had a mental disability. Of course I did not care I wanted him. He proceeded to tell me about one little dog he had, 6 months old, Micro Teacup Pocket Yorkie named "Kibbles n Bits". How she was a $10, 000 dog but she was dropped on her head by her previous owner and could not walk. That she required 24 hour care and fed through a syringe. I said I would take her because my dad is home all the time and I knew he would help me care for her. He told me that the vets have tried everything for her. When he drove me out to the shed that was converted to a kennel, all the babies were in these cages that were lined all along the wall. The smell was horrendous. Trash Barrels in the center of the kennel. He proceeded to take me to the very back where, now named Ellie Mae, was caged. Her head was all matted and her body was shaved. She was on an extremely high dose of steroids, she was disgusting. Force feeding her baby food from a syringe. She was miserable completely skin and bones and she could not walk. I took her. When I got to work with the babies (Max and Ellie Mae) he kept emailing me, make sure she has a heating pad, and make sure she gets syrup and lots of love.
I cleaned up her head when I got home, I took her off the syringe and she ate perfectly fine and the very next day I took her to the Golden Triangle Animal Hospital because she could not breathe and had a horrible cough. I asked Jeff for all her records so that my vet and I knew where they left off and he told me there are none. He told me they had all their shots yet there is no record of this. When I took Ellie Mae to my Vet Dr. O’Neal, he was not happy at all. He even researched the website of the breeder and thought it was very suspicious. Dr. O'Neal called the vet that was listed on the steroid bottle (Grey's Veterinary clinic) and he asked Dr Grey what tests and procedures were done, Dr Grey’s clinic advised that they did not do anything for her but diagnose her with water on the brain and gave her a ridiculous dose of prednisone, (3mlg) 0.25 ml 2x a day for 20 days then dropped down to every other day (She only weighs a pound). This was eating at her muscles. A Giardia test was completed on Ellie Mae and came back positive, she had Pneumonia, and she was malnourished. Ellie Mae was not dropped on her head and Max was not suffocated, they both were diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. This is known as water on the brain that can cause issues with their brain receptors causing blindness (Max), walking in circles (Max), seizures (Max), coma, death, and a paralyzing state (Ellie Mae). My Vet prescribed Prilosec, antibiotics (Clovomax) and also medicine for the Giardia and AD soft dog food. After two days of being on the meds Ellie Mae began walking, however, on February 17th still could not breathe so I took her to the emergency animal hospital in Benbrook. The advised me that the steroid Ellie Mae was on was horrendous dose for her size and she needed to be weaned from it. He also prescribed her another antibiotic and a nebulizer prescription. Now this baby girl is running around, playing and happy. If anyone else took her they would have put her to sleep. This is how bad the state she was that she was in. It is now April 27, 2012, her fur is growing in fully, with dandruff like cradle cap because she had almost no fur before. Unfortunately Max took a turn for the worst within one night. He lost his hearing and sight completely and quickly had tumors on his neck. He passed away last night. This Picture that looks like hell is the one I took when I got her. The other is my baby now.

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  • Br
      27th of Apr, 2012

    It is best to educate yourself with the facts before bashing a business. Hydrocephalus can be caused by brain trauma such as being dropped on the head. oxygen deprivation can cause blindness and seizures. You have no definitive proof the breeder was lying.

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  • Th
      1st of May, 2012

    I don't understand. You knew right away this dog came from a puppy mill or at best a terrible backyard breeder and you bought her anyway? Way to support your local puppy mill! Then you come online and complain? You knew what you were getting into once you saw the dog. I understand trying to "save" a puppy, but every penny you give a breeder like that is more motivation for him to keep doing what he's doing.

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  • Ha
      15th of Jun, 2012

    I read on their site that they could not guarantee any health on their rescue dogs... I spoke to daughter of owner told me they have been in business for 30+ years...

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