Yodle, IncVery Poor Performance and Customer Service


They claimed to be able to restrict displays to ISP's withing a 25 mile radius of our location in their sales presentationand they demonstrated a competitor's Yodle account showing that it was costing them $25 per call, saying that this was typical.

The ability to limit clicks geographically was essential as we are a local service company. The cost was critical since our average revenue per call is under $200 and profit averaging less than $75.

From the get-go fully 1/3 of the paid clicks were coming from outside our area, our state, and even out of the country. When I tried to contact our account manager about this he didn't respond for two weeks and I finally had to email the sales guy. They said that they could fix the problem, but the same thing continued for three months with and the cost per call averaged $95.

I wrote them to cancel the agreement (you are locked into the 1st 3 months and then they said it was month to month), but received no response and then they again charged my credit card!! It is now in dispute.

These guys just collect your money and do nothing to manage the account to your benefit. They sell the same service to other similar companies in your area/business which drives up the cost per click since they have dramatically increased the demand. They really don't care about performing for the client.

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