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I was wrongly accused by a female member of an action not made that led to my being terminated as a member. I was not given a copy of the complaint after having the police show and create a case number. I was not allowed to address the issue or confront my accuser.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Glastonbury, CTThere was no attempt made to communicate any issue, misunderstanding or redress the matter. As a result one of my best friends, my brother and myself no longer are able to wrok out at the gym. Further, we lost $$$ associated with the dues, initiation dues were not pro-rated and returned to us. Additionally, the facility, WOW Fitness had the audacity to bill me for the month I was not allowed to enter the facilities.

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  • Co
      Feb 03, 2011
    WOW Fitness - Took over my Gold's Gym and never notified me
    WOW Fitness
    United States

    WOW took over my Gold's Gym membership in W. Roxbury and never notified me. Then they tacked on an "enhancement fee of 25.00 to my monthly dues.

    To cancel I have to send a letter to some "Financial Service" that comes up as a phishing site on my computer. The whole deal smells.

    Do not give these people your money! I was at Gold's since the late 90's. What a way to reward a faithful dues-payer. Shame!

    Check out some of the other sites about this company.I would be very careful signing anything. Beware.

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  • Eb
      Jun 01, 2011
    WOW Fitness - Fraud and Theft
    WOW Fitness
    United States

    I cancelled my membership with WOW in November 2010. It is now May 2011

    They are still taking money from my account. I am sending ANOTHER certified letter to inform them that if they continue I will press charges of fraud and theft. I am also sending a copy of my letter to the Better Business Bureau and the NJ States Attorney's Office.This should not be allowed to continue. They are stealing peoples money. I just don't understand how they can get away with this and not have charges brought against them with all the complaints to their practices.

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