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Premier FitnessAccount termination

This fitness centre guys has lessened my respect towards this country.i am from india working in dayton.I have enrolled myself and my mom in this premier fitness .The person at customer care have spoken very sweet to me and got the long list of documents signed without giving me an inkling about the fact that I am siging a 3 yr contract !!!.
I came to know about it only when I tried to cancel the memebrship since I am moving to a diffent city and my mom is going back to india.
They want proof of address and after providing them they are telling that the adress is insufficient.
I have called them for 2 months and I have sent number of dcouments establishing the fact without any success.

Premier FitnessPoor treatment of clients, discrimination, dangerous environment

My friend "M" and I wanted to get in shape, so he joined a fitness club, Premier Fitness in Alamogordo, and he convinced me to join too. It is an impressive looking gym, lots of equipment. But the problems started soon. M says he started to get gay men after him in the showers. Since M is not gay, this disturbed him. He said on several occasions that men would make hand signals at him in the bathroom/showers, and sexually intimidate him, stand too close, harass, etc. I joined an exercise class because I did not have the motivation to stay on the machines by myself. The instructor was repeatedly flirting with the women, texting on his phone during our class time, and taking pictures of us with his phone. I for one did not want a photo of me in my workout clothes going around the internet. There were several staff members who are very unprofessional. They would be talking about their sex lives very loudly in front of us all, and they would fight, bicker, joke around, and be on their cellphones instead of taking notice of us when we would come into the building. They would all disappear, one time I wanted to buy an energy drink, and not one staff member was in sight. I finally found them all smoking outside on the side of the building. When I said i wanted to buy a drink, one of the girls rolled her eyes and told me "Cant you see we are on our scheduled break? we will be back inside in 15 minutes". About a week after that I was back to get on a treadmill and I could not find a papertowel or toilet paper in the bathroom and it was the same issue. The staff was all outside goofing around and they were extremely rude to me when I approached them. As I was walking away one of the black staff members made a very racist comment about me and they all laughed. I had had enough, and when they all finallly came back in to "work" I told the girl at the front desk I wanted to cancel my membership. She saw I was mad and at first said no problem. So I was glad to get out of there. But the next month I was charged again for a new month of membership. I went back in and demanded to talk to the manager. After some waiting the manager came out and said I had this or that on my contract. I told her I wanted nothing to do with Premier Fitness and she finally said she would credit the money back to my credit card. M told me his air force friend had the same issue, that he was charged for months after he canceled his membership. BEWARE!!!

Premier FitnessThief!

We paid Premier Fitness $300 for 6 sessions with a Nutritionist. The Nutritionist either quit or was let go after 2 sessions and was not replaced. We requested a refund of $200 or time added onto the end of the gym contract. We paid $350 for a years membership so 7 months added would be fair. We were offered 1 month, I explain that was not acceptable and we would not be leaving until a suitable solution found. I was told to leave or the police would be called. The story ends with me being escorted out by Police and not allowed on the property. Thanks for stealing my money Premier Fitness. Sorry for asking for the services I paid for!

Premier FitnessCall from a collection agency

I was a member back in 2005. After my one year I cancelled my membership. Over a year later I get a letter from Premier Fitness that I owe them money(Nov 13, 2007). I call twice to talk to the individual who wrote the letter and that person never called me. I finally hand delivered a letter to the Huron Street location(Nov 20, 2007. I state in the letter that my one year subscription was over a year ago and no longer wanted anything to do with Premier Fitness. Today, almost 4 years later, I receive a call from NCR telling me I owe Premier Fitness over $2, 000.

  • Ld
    LdnONT Jul 14, 2011

    John, this is happening to my wife thies week as well.
    PF is claiming over $1200 dating back to 2009.

    Read this: /link removed/

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  • Sa
    Sandy_L Aug 18, 2011

    I cancelled my Premier Fitness back in March 2008. At my Bank's suggestion, I also stopped payments for any thing to Premier but allowd Premier to take the remaining instalment payments from my credit card for personal training. Since then, that particular credit card has been cancelled. I received some sketchy collections notices after those credit cards payments were finished with Premier (inconsistent amounts and contact information for people who did not work at Premier Head Office or with phone extensions that did not exist etc.), on and off, until last notice and last straw in late 2009. Today, I got a call from NCR demanding $378.00 (notably, letters from Premier before then would range from $950-1340). I called my lawyer and he informed me that they had no grounds for collections as any remaining claims by Premier were beyond the 2 year statute of limitations for collections activities. I called and advised NCR that I would be pursuing legal action if this collection activity continued, gave them my lawyer's name and contact information and they were remarkably polite in contrast to the first call placed today. I also googled NCR and found MANY complaints regarding both Premier and NCR for harrassment and extortion. If this continues, I will be taking my lawyer's recommendation to sue both Premier and NCR with slander of my credit rating and for personal damages.

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  • Ja
    JamesRj May 05, 2012

    Hi My Name is James
    Carlingwood Location
    I joined in 2009. And got lied too and intimidated into signing a contract. All i wanted was the one year, And when i signed they threw on personal training that i couldn't get out of. Cause they said come in 2 weeks to the first appointment. And after 8 days of signing you cant cancel. Now they just sent me a email today 5/5/2012 saying
    BALANCE: $1, 325.50
    DOCKET #: DB

    This email-letter serves as confirmation that the National Credit Recovery Inc., a duly authorized agency acting on behalf of PREMIER FITNESS have received your outstanding account in amount of $1, 325.50 for collection proceeding.

    I would love to help put a class action lawsuit against them. I've fought with them on the phone many years ago, they proceeded threaten me continuously with my credit score (which is non existent, have never had credit card) And getting apartments are fine so yes. They should be bankrupt and in jail.

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  • Jo
    Joe3 May 22, 2012

    I was misled into a nutrition program that supposely was personilized to my sport, I was lured with follow up and a conditioner. I got hook up with the so called IPO plan for 24 weeks, that included follow up with nutritionist but I only received a book that lasted 10 weeks. I did not read the contract properly because the letters were so small and when I reviewed it again they would take from my bank account for 25 bi-weekly payments. Way many months after the 24 supposed weeks were over. I only saw the nutrionist once who told me to increase my amount of spinich and broccoli. When premier collapsed and was acquired by PhysioMed, that guy dissapeared alone with the manager who sold me the program. This is an organized mafia. I called my bank to cancel the automatic withdraw and I received a letter from some freak with a hotmail account claiming the amount that was blocked by my bank or would engage a collection agency. I will engage the RCMP for this. WTF

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  • Ge
    Geli Jun 04, 2012

    Okay. I have a huge problem withe them now. I went in on a 1 month free pass with my friend. Then they said i need to fill out some papers saying I would have a 1 year contract which is what I wanted. I was told I can cancel at any time if I am moving out of the area with proof. Now I have moved out of the country and they will not accept a VISA. A government document is not proof enough that I am not near and I still need to pay. Not to mention the papers say I signed a 3 year contract not a 1 year which is what I asked for. Now I have cancelled my bank account so they cannot keep billing me as it is past the one year mark that I thought I signed up for. Now I am getting letters from collection agencies. I've called them saying I was cancelling I am out of the country and it won't stop! What do I do??

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Premier FitnessBilling

I just received a bill from these ###s for $158.00 saying that I had an overdue balance, and that if I don't pay it in 30 days I would be sent to collections.
I have not been to this gym for FOUR years, nor did I have a membership ever! I had a personal trainer for a certain amount of sessions which I payed off and dealt with about 3 years ago.
I don't even live in the province anymore and they're still finding a way to send my parents my mail!! There is no way on earth that I owe this ### gym any money at all!
Also, what the hell kind of accounting department do they have going after people for bills from FOUR years ago????

### Gym...NEVER sign anything there...EVER

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Premier Fitnessovercharge

Worse location to date!. The worse customer service ive seen, the staffs are rude and incompetent. Came in to cancel a membership and 3 months later i still get charge, on top of that they dont even have my cancellation on file or the original request form i signed. luckily i had my copy and showed them just how stupid they were for trying to accuse me of lying!. im ashame and disgusted at this place its silly to think i had to hold onto a copy of the cancellation form from 3MONTHS ago just to proof i was right and that they screwed up on their end. Just think of how many people they scammed and cheated, had those poor people threw away their receipts believing these Premier staffs could perform such a simple task of entering the information onto their computer, they too would be dumbfounded like i was. Honestly, this yorkdale location is in need of new management perhaps one that can regulate their staff and train them to really service the customers, because under Mary-Lyn's management your going to embarrassed the company with her lack there of management skills. Worse gym ever!!!

  • As
    ashton7 Jun 19, 2011

    That's my problem right now! I cancelled everything then over a year later when I'm cleaning I find the contracts and receipts and figure oh I don't need this anymore so I throw it all out. A year later their collection agency starts emailing an old HOTMAIL account that I've never used for mail, just for MSN. I just happened to sign in for fun for some reason (must have been a 6th sense) and noticed all these emails like FINAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. Now they're saying I owe over $900 even though I cancelled in person in the gym over 2 years ago. I had prepaid for a full year like $350 cancelled after 1 month because the gym sucked so bad and I told them to keep the money didn't even ask for a refund so it's disgusting they think I owe so much. The $900 is clearly 2 years worth of charges. Wouldn't most companies after even incorrectly billing for another year say "Oh, they haven't been in the club and haven't paid the $350 we charged them a year ago, so maybe we should cancel their account?" Nope, Premier says "Charge them for a 2nd year now, more money for us". Like it's ridiculous!!!

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Premier Fitnessbilling without permision

My complaint is simiar if not identical to the other complaints I have just read on you board.

I signed up for a family membership with my husband in Feb last year. I expected to get some help in setting up a exercise program to deal with a medical condition.

First appointment was with a nice woman who informed me she was a fitness consultant. She did some computer test based on my body and said that I needed to hire a trainer. She told me the cost. I shaid that I was on a limited pension for disablity and did not have that kind of disposable income.

I stayed with the club until Dec when I asked them to cancel my membership. I was told that that was not possible because I had years contract. They said that I could put this on hold (but still get charged)
or I could transfer to my husband. So I let them add 3 months to his account. I thought that this would then be over.

We did not received any charges until May. In May we were charged
35.00. In May I also lost my credit card and had a new one issued. This ment that they couldnt charge it again. I went to the club this week to deal with the money charged in May and was told that not only were they not going to cancel the May card but they would not cancel my membership until I paid them another $126.00 in arrears that they were unable to charge my credit card.

I lost my temper and left in a huff. On my way out I told everyone in the lobby not to join the club (in a rather loud voice).

I called head office and was told the same thing, pay the money and you can cancel the membership. If not we will refer payment to a credit agency.

Is there any recourse?


  • Al
    alyn100 Apr 06, 2010

    I joined Premier Fitness 2 months ago with my wife at the Kennedy Rd location in Scarborough.

    Since then I became aware that much of the equipment was not working .

    For instance out of the 30 treadmills they have only about 5 were functioning and they were not working all that well.

    Exercise bikes has pedals missing from them and other machines are also down.

    I spoke to the manager who made lots of promises but did not do anything.

    I called their head office and left messages for the Customer Service Manager who never returned my call.

    I finally spoke to a fellow named Terry who was supposed to be Vice President of Sales.

    At first he sounded very surprised that I was able to reach him.
    He then started making excuses and promised me that repairs would start in 2 weeks or I should contact him again.

    I waited over a month and nothing was done. I called again and emailed him but got no response.

    Meantime my wife and I started going to another location further away from us.

    Although the equipment there is more modern, it too is starting to break down and I cannot get an answer as to when it will be fixed.

    To call Premier Fitness a rip off is being polite.
    It is very important to let as many people know as possible to stay away from their clubs

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  • On
    oneandonly Jun 08, 2010

    im goinmg to have to disagree with this... I am a member of this location and have had a great experience there. With the kickboxing and boxing ive lost a lot of weight and stuff. There stuff does work very few things need to get replaced

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  • Ca
    CallForAction Jul 20, 2010

    I have been a member of this health club from it's very first day of opening, and I have seen it become neglected with regards to it's maintainance. I have heard complaints from other members that went from comments regarding the poor upkeep of the facilities and equipment, to comments about the owners and managers.
    Recently, I was verbally embarrassed by the owner while I was attempting to speak to him about my membership. I never got a word in as he proceeded to badger and holler at me so that everyone could hear and it was publicly embarrassing.

    I was the one who called and made an appointment with them. After speaking with the club's manager I got nowhere. The owner Neil, was then introduced to me. After we sat down, he started raising his voice and was very rude and arrogant.

    According to my ( anyone's ) membership agreement, the club agrees to keeping the facilities and equipment in the same condition it was in, upon signing the agreement. So for anyone who signed to be a member when the club was still NEW, their contract agreements state the club will maintain the condition of the facilities and equipment, and they have not. This is a breach of contract on their part. The fact that "towel service" was denied to me many times over the years is a breach of my contract.

    I am in arrears approximately $200.00 and yet the owner feels like he has the right to holler at me in front of his staff. I can't believe he kept shouting at me; " PAY ME MY MONEY~! JUST PAY ME MY MONEY~!"

    Now, after they have shown me no respect as a customer, I have no intentions of paying him anything at all and I would like to see this man get what he deserves. Nothing ~!

    Please write me with your story ~

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  • Le
    LeeAlan Sep 30, 2010

    oneandonly you must work there then, Premier is the worst gym there is, I've never been to a gym with so much equipment broken down all the time and weeks to fix. At Goodlife on the rare occasion that something is broken down, you can be assured that the next time you're there it's fixed and up and running again.

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  • Na
    name1 May 27, 2011

    This post is last year but it is the same situation even now. Only about 5 treadmills working, bicycles without pedals, dumbbells are old and lose. Nobody cares to fix anything they only focus on recruiting more people. Already not enough equipment for existing members. Washroom are not clean. I will take pictures as proof soon. I don't recommend anyone to join there, if you must see for yourself ask them for a tour and you will know what i mean.

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Premier Fitnessillegal billing/lied to

My friend got me a "free" month at premier fitness, at least that is what the women working there had said. She also said if i sign some papers i could get my friend a "free" month. So i went and signed the papers, without examining the papers of course, going on the words of the employee. About 2 months later i had found out that they had been billing my bank account 50 bucks a month. Then when i had no more money in the bank they sent me a letter in the mail informing me that i had not been making payments. Of course i had no idea what they were talking about. So they sent me copies of my bank card and the papers i signed, which the only part of the paper that was my handwriting was the signiture, they had filled in the rest after i signed, they said they would "take care of the rest", making sure i wouldnt have any second thoughts about checking the paper i had signed. So now theyre trying to bill me the money still. Heres how the scam works; They give you a tour of the place and telling you how great it is, then they tell you you can get a month free!(ya right) So they ask you for your bank card, telling you it will not be for any payment or charging you, they say its for some other non suspicious reason, so you do. Then they ask if you know any friends to give them their name and to sign a peice of paper so they can contact them and give them a month free. But after actually reading the thing i saw that it was a contract/friend contact info sheet.(they put the 2 together so it kind of disguises the fact that its a contract also.) So they have copies(proof) of your bank accout card and your signiture. So they can say you did agree to everything, but you agreed to that "free" month, but of course they will deny up and down that they said any of that. So now you know about the premier fitness scam and how they do it, and hopefully we as a pissed of nation can get those ### scam artists off the map. I will do my part in the matter. Thank you. Also if you would like proof i will post pictures, my email is [protected], contact me there.

  • Es
    Es1620 Mar 22, 2017

    The same thing happened to me at the place in Centerville. I was told I won a prize of 6 free months. They had me sign papers to receive the prize. They changed my address and phone number on the contract so I never saw that they were billing me for every month. I clearly and repeatedly told the employee I had no intention ion of joining since I was moving to Nepal to do volunteer work for at least the next 3 years or longer. In December my Mom gets a letter demanding payment for the first 6 months that were supposedly free for $178.60. I have proof via my passport that I did not even reside in the USA during these 6 moths. I am home now to visit for a month. Fortius Financial emailed a contract saying I signed it for 3 years and owe close to $1000. None of this was filled in on the paper I signed and I would have refused to sign it if it was. The contract also said they were billing me staring that month for 36 months. None of that was filed in when I was told In needed to sign it to collect the prize...some prize...having $1000 stolen for something I can not us since I am volunteering in Nepal the next 3 years. I have no income since I am doing volunteer work in the poorest country in Asia, they said they will destroy my credit rating, and they won't consider the stamps in my passport proving I did not reside in the USA. My 80 year old Mom paid the first $178.60 because she did not want them to destroy my credit rating. They are extreme liars and villains and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. So their aim is to destroy me financially in every possible way, because they deceived me into signing a contract for 3 years where I won't reside in the USA. This was utter deception...there was no prize, just a scam to steal $1000 and destroy me financially in every way possible. NEVER step foot in a Premier Fitness Center anywhere in the world! They want to destroy people like me giving up everything to help orphans, handicapped children, and widows in one of the the poorest countries in Asia.

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Premier Fitness — being robbed

I recently finished a 1 year contract with this sorry excuse for a gym. I was informed that I had to cancel...

Premier Fitness — Unauthorized billing

We've just gotten a call today from Michelle, Stephen Walters law office. I was told that I owe them...

Premier Fitnessover charge

Have not been to the site since June of 2006 - paid for a full year of membership in April of 2006. they keep on trying to get money from my credit card and send harrassing mail for money that they clame I owe. I have told them that I do not wish to enter there establishment again.

  • Mh
    M Hutchinson Apr 23, 2009

    I had a 1 yr. membership coming out of my bank account for $18.11 every two weeks ( $36.22mth) and finally contract ended and I went in to place personally to cancel in writing. Then two more payments for said amount came out of my account. I made numerous phone calls to the Bunting road St. Catharines management and no phone calls were returned. I even threatened legal action. I am still waiting four days later for some action. It kindof was my own fault, as I was far warned that Premier Fitness was notorious for taking $$$$ that was no longer theirs. I'm glad I caught it when I did cause I'm sure they would have taken and taken . I recommend to anybody wanting to join this establishment that they think it through because they will rip you off!!! To add an insult to injury my husband was in a car accident and put on disability and I called them to cancel aggreement as we couldn't afford it and they laughed at us and we'll see you in court. I have signed contrant of cancellation date, bank books when $$ came out and have no remorse in writing this letter and warning the public, Signed Mark Hutchinson

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  • X0
    X'ed Sep 04, 2009

    It is sept 4 2009 and I just recieved today a letter of extortion from premier saying I owe them $910.66!!!
    And they are going to report this to a credit reporting ageny unless I pay on Aug 28 2009...
    (NOTE I just got the letter sept 4 2009)
    I had a one year memebership with them 8 YEARS AGO!!! which I paid monthly from my bank account.
    After the one year I cancelled my memebership in writing and put a stop payment on any further payments from my bank account.
    I have the same account all these years later.
    The scam letter states I owe them this money because of an invalid bank account!!!
    I want to know if they can report this false information to a credit agency and ruin my credit without my social insurance number and a valid contract from 8 years ago?

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  • Ex
    exstaff Feb 18, 2010

    Its unfortunate that this company even exists. Its owned by 2 of the wealthiest ppl in the Country so money talks. As a fomer employee there too, I know first hand the bull crap that this place has.

    You literally need 2 months WROTTEN notice to cancel anything. Pay for the stop payments, do what you can do to stop any payments from your end.. casue goodness, they wont.

    Thier hottubs are dirty filthy, no one checks them. They just forge the stats. CALL PUBLIC HEALTH!!

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  • Bm
    bmanny88 Jun 15, 2011

    I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident unfortunately. I tried arranging an appointment to discuss my options because I am not physically able to exercise anymore. My appointment was cancelled 4 times until finally I had to go in and talk with Neil the owner. He was very misleading with his interest in my abilities and wrote in paper that we would seize payments and membership until I am physically capable. It has been 2 months and there has been no change and every time I try to contact him or a representative I am lied to or made felt powerless to this companies hold on people. It is sad that I cant work and provide for myself and family yet this company continues to take away any money I have left for food to buy fancy cars and suits for themselves.

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Premier FitnessTerrible experience

I canceled my membership to Premier Fitness in Odenton Maryland back in August. The manager stated that I should be allotted one more payment, then that would be it. Well... they charged me another month. I confronted the manager that assisted me with canceling my membership, but my paperwork mysteriously disappeared. They tried to give me a free month membership, but how do I know if they're going to lose my paperwork again and continue to charge me? I told her that I wanted my money back, but she insisted that the owner might not grant my request since there's no paperwork to prove that I canceled my membership. I should have got a print-out of the cancellation, but I guess it's partially my fault for not getting it. Lesson learned! What really upset me is that they would not take any of the blame. It was a lot of, "If I did cancel the membership..." or "We document everything into our database...". Not this time! I guess they didn't pay attention to detail this time. Thieves...

  • St
    stupidpeopledostupidthings Nov 22, 2010

    they love to say that as much as they love to pretend they are typing [censor] onto the computer when they are not. She believe me next time when they say "it will be noted" IT IS NOT!!! they just like to make tapping noises on the keyboard and then mysteriously loose all the paperwork pertaining to your cancellation. interesting how that works huh? you cancelled your paperwork goes missing!

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