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WOT is a serious ripoff and SCAM. They don't display their phone number, don't answer problems with their rating system and are unresponsive. They are ruining legitimate businesses and something should be done about them. They rate my website a Negative when it should be Question Mark because there are not enough ratings to determine. Yet, they argue with me for two months, don't fix anything and ban me from even logging into my account to track my ratings! All this and I paid them? I am supposed to be the customer? Maybe their location (Finland) protects them from US laws? I don't know how they get away with such a large scam. Please be warned, they are a SCAM!

This is how the SCAM WORKS:
What happens is someone can login to the WOT account, and rate a site as phishy or unsecure for absolutely no reason at all. When this happens, anytime a customer goes to your website, a large popup will occur stating this is an unsafe site, and you should not proceed. This is ridiculous since WOT does not have any means of checking to see if this information is infact accurate. They just go off of that single rating inputted by a random person. Now, the only way to have this popup removed is to either buy thier "Web of Trust Seal" which costs $451/year, or have tons of people sign up for an account in their system, which in turn will bring the company more revenue as well.

Here is there 'game', you complain, then the stop answering your emails, then you complain on their forum and they 'block your' name and password so your account is virtually locked. They don't respond to any questions, there is NO SUPPORT and the support there is doesn't assist but gives you wrong answers and the run-around. So like God, they block you off your account so you cannot even answer malicious statements left by other WOT users that is inaccurate. I hope this company is closed down and will line up to sign a lawsuit against them...

No phone number, no response from company they are NOT a WEB OF TRUST but a Website UNTrustworthy!!!

I have never hated a company as badly as I hate this company. Non-Responsive, Ludicrous Ratings, Playing with people's livelihood and They don't even respond to a problem When They Are Wrong! I truly hate this company.


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      May 06, 2013

    Recently had the same exact problem. The only solution to preventing further problems is reporting this to CNet and Firefox as many users have done already. No end in sight that Web of Trust even wants to correct these problems.

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