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I have lost about $1000 dollars from this site, but after reading complaints I realized that they tax people on winnings only and not losses. So I looked at my account and it said I won over $9000. Now I am worried that I am going to have to pay taxes on that even though I really lost money. From what I've read they only count anything you won even if you never cash it out and keep playing but lose money. I kept trying to win back the money I lost but since they don't count losses I am going to get screwed on taxes next year. I am really worried about how much they are going to make me pay, even though I lost. I am staying far away from this website and hopefully I can save someone from making the same stupid mistake I made.

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  • Sp
      Nov 10, 2011

    World Winner is a complete nightmare in online gaming/gambling. It seems as though when you win a 5-player tournament of Bejeweled, for example, then you play it again, you are 99% to 100% going to lose the second time around. It's like World Winner penalizes you for winning. All I have to say is that I totally agree with the above complaint and that World Winner is a horrible money-consuming website that should not exist. This website has got me in some serious financial issues. I thought that online gambling was illegal in the United States.

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  • Ja
      Dec 28, 2011

    Spiritual -

    WorldWinner is not considered to be a gambling site. Being that the games featured take into account actual skill than sheer luck, it is not prohibited in the U.S. as a gambling site.

    - Jacob

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  • Ca
      Jan 02, 2012

    Yea Worldwinner Is Crap.
    For every game you play (win or lose) you receive "reward points" which can be spent in their rewards store from anything to $5 in game credits to $500 gift cards.
    i spent the better part of 6 MONTHS saving up my points, eyeing a $200 Home Depot gift card (113, 475 Points).
    Once i reached the required points, i cashed them out for the card.
    after waiting a month with no card or responce..i contacted Worldwinner through email, told them no card and my address was the same as they had on file..they claimed to have sent it and agreed to send another because we all know [censored] happens with the USPS.
    I demanded delivery confirmation (tracking) $.85 cents this time, after waiting yet another month, i received no gift card and no tracking once again...and here it is over a year later and my roof still LEAKS!! - NEVER AGAIN!! Worldwinner
    And the B.S. tax form they send for money you never receive, is balled up and thrown in the trash..or at the neighbors cat!

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  • Th
      Jan 22, 2012


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  • Mi
      Aug 01, 2012

    Every single time I rack up enough points in a game to surely win the match, the game disconnects so I lose everything. Then I have to wait a day or two to get credits refunded. They take my cash and disconnect the game I was going to win on then give me credits that can only be used toward more disconnecting games. This is definitely robbery.

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  • Ta
      Apr 02, 2015

    Please all..go to all of your social media sites that you belong to and spread the word about this cheating site. If you have played it a few times you know that its a cheat. You win just enough to keep you interested, but you can never win! You will be able to tell how certain games change as you play them, once you win a few games, it seems to get harder and harder to win again, but since you have won previously you keep trying. Just look at some of the winnings on the games. On certain games, the entry fee is .88 cents and first place is 1.50. You grand total winning for first place is .62! LOL...for first place. That's just one example of many scams that this site is running. Remember to tell everyone you know to avoid this site like the plague. WORLD WINNER.COM IS A COMPLETE PONZI SCHEME!! Don't pay for their speed boats and summer homes, keep your hard earned money. Increase your odds and go play your local lotto.

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