World GymMembership mishandling

I cancelled my membership with the Word Gym in Waldorf, MD in December 2014. I did it in person, just like they asked, and also called to let them know. I was told that info would be passed along. I didn't hear back from them until the next Feb., when their billing department contacted me about past due accounts. I reiterated to them that I cancelled my account. I got an apology and an assurance it would be straightened out. Now, in April of 2016, I am contacted by a collections agency. World Gym had referred me and has continued to bill me for all months since then. When I called this time, they refused to remove the debt or cancel my account, saying I had to send a letter in the mail. They read off to me my notifications on my record and even told me about the call where I cancelled my account, but said that because I did not send in a letter they would refuse to cancel it. They also lied to me about using the gym, stating that they had now way of knowing who was and wasn't using it, and that they could not take my word for it that I had moved. However, I was given a PED to enter the gym, which very clearly logs who comes in and out of the gym; you literally cannot enter the gym without scanning in as yourself. They have continued to say they will not cancel my account and that I must continue to pay month after month even though I do not live in that state anymore.

Apr 05, 2016

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