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World Financial Group / Ridiculous!

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WFG is just a What The F#$k Group and you may lose a lot of money with them. So, don't believe what you hear from them or blame yourself! Their web-site is extremely fishy as well. Just read about the Rule of 72-nothing is guaranteed at all. Also, some statements like 'Help us protect your family in the case you live too long'! I think it's just ridiculous.

Final advice is don't pay no money to them and ask to return your cash if you already did pay. Don't fall in the same trap in which I fell!


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  29th of Jan, 2010
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I believe that everyone has a right to thier own opinions therefore, for anyone who reads negative comments about companies or things in general, just make sure you use your common sense before jumping to conclusions, and look at both sides of the story. In everything we do, there will always be people with posititive expereinces and negative expereinces. I am proud to say that I love World Financial group because I gave myself a long enough time in the company to see how we really change the lives of people who have been left behind in the financial services industry.

There is no "free lunch" in anything we do. It takes hard work and determination if you want to succeed in life. Question is: Do you want to stay an employee and work hard to make someone rich? or do you want to be given a chance to work hard for yourself and perhaps reach financial independence? People always whine and complain when things don't go their way but even if they continue to do what they do and not take on the opportunity with a company such as World Financial Group, they will still be in the same situation...broke, poor, and an employee(if they are not laid off yet). Honestly, the company is just a platform for people and whether you become successful or not, it all depends on how hard you work and how much you want it.

Also, because there are so many people coming in and going out of the company, there will always be bad apples but that is just human nature. So, just make sure whoever, that reads these negative comments, make sure you use your common sense and take a good look at the company first. Don't be influenced by people who are not successful because there is a reason why...Do you want to follow advice from a "loser" or do you want to be a winner? If you want to be a winner then I recommend following advice from someone who is successful and has made it.
  22nd of Mar, 2010
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Too many people are invited to be members of "team"!!
It means the company's strategy is shaky and not trust worthy at all.
  1st of May, 2010
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Somewhat grey zone business. It is not scam, but pyramid for sure. It works really well for certain kinds of people. Here is the news about them and their business style remains the same. Nobody want to give away money to a grey zone business these days. There many other better and trust-worthy insurance companies out there. Insurance products themselves are not that bad. Their customer care sucks, that is what makes it so different.

  8th of Jun, 2010
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RULE #1:
NEVER, EVER EVER PAY to work. it goes the OTHER WAY people!!!
  24th of Jun, 2010
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people pay for eduction to get a good job - so you're saying thats a bad idea as well?
  23rd of Jul, 2010
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WFG stands for Wonderful F#@%ers Group because they like to f#@% people over wonderfully. It's like getting shot in the face while you suck on your favorite lollipop. The experience may seem all sweet in the beginning with their weekly Mozones, but they will screw you over when you least expect it when it comes down to getting paid.
  23rd of Jul, 2010
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It's not a team, it's a pyramid. A team is when each person relies on each other to get the job done. When you are a team member with WFG, you depend on each other to get promoted not necessarily helping families to be financially free.
  4th of Aug, 2010
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When you leave the organization, they call you "loser." that is their same old cliche, cheap talking. The paper work process is so slow. The office people don't speak English. Please educate the agents professionalism.


Go to other old big names with knowledgeable employees.
  16th of Jan, 2011
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To Sue Again and other current reps from WFG,
You are so good at redirecting the subject. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself. The warning in this subject is that WFG does not pay for you. The tuition, registration fees, test fees, educational materials' price are all paid from your pocket money.
  22nd of Jan, 2011
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my question is for all. why govt. allow this sort of business ?
if we know by experience that they are scam or fraud, no matter, as long as their is all established company or bank or institute for all financial matter then why this bulshit are running in front of all and all countries.
why law not taking action. are they mafia like money mart ?
  9th of Dec, 2011
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The agent treated on me, making me loose $8000. ###! F%&k WFG!

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