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On January 19, 2009 my son and I visited WOW-Ocean Township to join the gym. I sat with an associate, looked at the plans offered, and proceeded to complete paperwork. I gave the sales associate my debit card to pay the initiation fees for me and my son but BEFORE I signed any contracts my husband called me and asked me not to make any contractual commitments at that time.

When the associate returned I told him that we were not going to continue with the membership and asked for my debit card back. He told me unfortunately he had already run the initiation charges on my card. I said, "Ok, can you just reverse the charges." He informed me club policy is that I would have to wait 30 days for them to issue a refund to me by check. I told him that didn't make any sense and to please refund my card. He said that was not their policy.

Mind you, I AM NOT A MEMBER of WOW - I NEVER signed any contracts.

So, on February 19th I called the club to see if my refund check was there. I was told they received the request January 26th and the 30 day countdown started from that date.

I called the club February 26th to see if the check was there. I was told it was not and the accounting department was backed up. I was assured the check would be there any day and that they would call me as soon as it came in. They also offered to send the billing department a "help ticket" to see where the check was.

To date, seven "help tickets" have been sent on my behalf and yet no other info other than in takes 30 days for a refund has been sent back to the local club.

So, I have called about five times in the past week, and today I was told the billing department has received my request for refund as of March 4th and I have to wait 30 days from March 4th to receive my refund.

Mind you, I AM NOT A MEMBER of WOW.

They are ripping me off for over $250. I have asked for the phone number to the billing department and all I am told is the sales associate has to contact them using the "help ticket." Apparently there is no headquarters or main office for me to contact. What is even worse is the sales associates are on the front line and have to deal with irate customers (I am sure I am not the only one). Not only do they have sleazy business practices but they treat the employees unfairly as well by having them defend unfair customer service tactics.

I need suggestions, if any, as to how to get my money back. I called my bank and will be completing a "Revocation Form" to prevent them from taking any additional monies out of my account.

For your own good, DO NOT even walk in the front door of this place unless you have a lot of disposable income to burn.

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  •   Aug 11, 2009

    I would have immediatly done a charge back directly through your bank. By delaying you like this they have made it impossible for you to do that now. From the sounds of it they don't plan on ever giving you the money back. They are just hoping you'll give up. Take matters into your own hands right now. Try your bank and see if they will help or file a claim in small claims court. Good luck.

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      Aug 26, 2011

    Cancellation process very consumer un-friendly and obviously designed to be that way. You cannot cancel over the phone, over the web. You have to submit your request in writing and have it APPROVED(?!) by wow.

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