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On Dec 4th, 2018 I attempted to purchase items on I purchased using my credit card. Order ID: 5c072b3319b42c1c7f3dce9f The purchase was confirmed and a short time later put on hold with a request from for a bank statement and other intrusive information that could easily lead to CC fraud and identity theft. When i sent back inquiries I got automated messages back from supposedly real people, thanking me for the information I provided but ...somehow...the information just wasn't clear or ledgible. They claimed that some photos of statements don't come through very clear. In this case I'm surprised they even saw one because I didn't send it. ...and they requested more documentation. Earlier in the process my CC company e-mailed me to confirm the purchase, which I did, however persisted in requesting bank statements. This smelled like a scam from 100 miles away so I cancelled my order and contacted my CC company and already it appears as though there were fraudulent charges on the CC! All my cards had to be cancelled...what a pain at Christmas time!

Another aggravation in attempting to deal with e-mail reply you send them gets reflected back to you. This makes sorting out a string of e-mail conversations most difficult! I can only imagine how difficult they could be if they messed up the charges!

Folks - Don't shop at - it looks to good to be true...that's because it IS to good to be true.

Dec 05, 2018
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      Dec 06, 2018

    Turn them into Better Business Bureau.
    Maybe if enough of us do that they might do something.

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