SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / I ordered two pokemon necklaces and then a 3rd one and paid for them but when I tried to buy something else it wouldn't let me at 3 minutes till 12.

Columbus Ga, US

I ordered a few things and paid for them and then they want me to contact the fraud dept. How do you even do that? I wanted to buy more things but I wont now because of some fraud going on but not on my part. It was 11/28/2016 right before 12 so I couldn't get any more cyber Monday deals. I would really like the items I purchased so I can give them for Christmas presents. I don't know why they decide to let me buy a few things and then cut me off at 3 minutes before 12 . My card is good, I don't know why it said that. It still says I have those 3 items that I purchased. I don't have any documents or photos. All I have is the bank card I used to purchase those 3 items. I don't know my client number, have been a wish customer for about a year. Help!

Nov 28, 2016

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