SUBMIT A COMPLAINT — hairpiece I just received in mail.

I ordered the Medium Blonde/Blonde piece and just received the Red/Autumn colored one. Very upsetting. Not happy with wish lately. Ordered two wolf print shirts with a certain picture on it and recurved the Wrong ones. Filed a request to return and get money back or sent correct print tees over two months ago. Have heard NOTHING from your company.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Francisco, CAOrdered two dressy shirts in Royal Blue and Sky Blue - Recurved a Purple and Medium Dark Bluetooth​. Not what I Ordered. Now this, recieving wrong color of hair extensions that what I ordered. Don't think I want to order from Wish anymore. Seems lately, once you receive the money you don't really care what the Customer receives or doesn't. Very unhappy and won't be recommending this site like I Use to!!

May 16, 2017

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