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1 San Francisco, CA, United States
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My account has been blocked because I refused to give you my bank statement and they had my money $134.00 for an order I placed on I have about a 2year history with wish and have not had any issues until this they paused my account for 4 days and then they wanted my bank statement and I told them there was no way they were gonna get that. They said my account would not be unlocked until they had that and we're able to verify who I was. ( Really) I just started receiving items from the order I made the previous month. I told them I wanted them to cancel the order and give me a full refund or ship the items I had already paid for. Keep in mind this whole process is taking about 7 days because it's all done through you texting email system. Then they finally said I could use my pay pal account to verify. Keep in mind I had already sent them a copy front and back of my driver's license. Next they cancelled the order and gave me my money back and blocked my account. How do I know this because I used my wife's account to send a message to wish and it went through just fine and when I try it says something went wrong try again later. Here's the thing a couple of the things I previously ordered from wish has came in and things are broken right out of the box or a pair of pants I ordered are not the right size. But I apparently have had my warranty and any type of customer service taken from because I can't get anyone to answer me or address my issues. So here's the thing if I buy from you and it shows up at my house broke then it's your responsibility to make it right. If your not going to do that than just send me a address label and I'll box it all up and ship it back and get a full refund. I understand that there may be someone on the other end that doesn't like the things that I have said but I didn't use profanity or get personal. The fact is you guys started this and after you did I went online and did some checking and it turns out alot and I mean alot of your customers, not just me are thoroughly pissed about this bank statement thing and the way we're being treated and you guys dont seem to see that. So if someone disagrees with your tattics of doing things you cut them off. And what a better way to to it if you have no phone number. How about doing the right thing and fixing this there's gotta be a better way of verification rather than bank statements.

Jan 11, 2019

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