Wish / memory cards, thumb drives, and all memory devices

San Francisco, CA, United States

I have ordered memory devices from geek. I have experienced major data losses, and I did research, how I can test them.
I did tested finally all of the devices, and all of them came out fake sized, as fake memory cards and thumb drives, with only about the 1/10th of the memory sizes, and overwritten data of sizes, plus no manufacturer data regardless of the printed brand on the memory cards, totally wrong size to as advertised and described.
Some of them I have the refund on, but the ones I did received over 30 days ago, GEEK returned my request with the answer, those are received over 30 days, so they not going to refund.
The fake devices selling practice against the law, so just do not get it why they refusing the refund!
Hopefully soon some investigation and lawsuit starting up to against the whole company under the operating name of WISH with the operating practice of selling totally fake items!

May 3, 2017

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