Wipro Bpo / Insecure Work Place

Hi my name is Payel, I worked in Wipro BPO for seven months, Kolkata location for United Health Care Group- Claims Processing. After my Job confirmation I had been harrasaed mentally & threaten by my senior SME (Subject Matter Expert). He played some tricky games with me & tried to get into my personal life, his intention was to exploit me & he created a falls phone call (imitating my voice) to my Boy Friend, to destroy our relationship. I was insulted by the SME on the work floor everyday. I infromed all the senior people & HR team about these incidents they did not give any importance to my words. I had no vaid proof against the SME (he made all those nuisence by tricks) so Wipro did not take my problem as a serious concern. More of all as I could not serve the notice period after resignation due to insecurity now Wipro has terminated me from the service.. I need justification for it..

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